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Will Salt Therapy Affect Super Bowl 55?

Possibly, but at least one member of the San Francisco 49ers believes it affected Super Bowl 54.

During “The Benefits of Salt Therapy for Athletes” Panel Discussion at the 2020 Salt Therapy Association Virtual ConferenceSTAcon 2020SALT Chamber client Shoshana Treichel, owner of Above and Beyond Yoga and Salt Therapy in Mobile, Alabama, shared the following:

“(San Francisco 49ers defensive back) Jimmie (Ward) has been practicing yoga with us for years. When he came back from the Super Bowl, he asked if we had completed our salt room yet because the Chiefs stayed at a hotel in Miami that had salt therapy, and we think that’s the edge they had”.

The hotel that the Kansas City Chiefs stayed at for Super Bowl 54 was the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Aventura, which features two salt therapy rooms designed, built, and installed by SALT Chamber.

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The 49ers stayed at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami, and although they have a spa, they don’t have a salt therapy room.

As you may recall, the 49ers led the Chiefs 21-10 heading into the fourth quarter, and according to ESPN, halfway through that quarter, they had a 95.3%-win probability.

What happened next?

Over the final 6:13 of the game, Kansas City scored 21 unanswered points to win the championship 31-20.

How Salt Therapy Works for Athletes

Was salt therapy the difference in the Super Bowl?

First, let’s examine how salt therapy works for athletes.

Airflow obstruction and airway inflammation are two respiratory conditions that can cause poor breathing patterns that affect an athlete’s performance and ultimately lead to:

  • Increased dehydration
  • Reduced stamina and performance
  • Increased likelihood of cramps and injury
  • Increased recovery time
  • Elevated heart rate

Once athletes can optimize their breathing, less breath is required, which, in turn, means they have more air in reserve to achieve superior performance.

According to the Salt Therapy Association, during a typical session, the micron-sized dry salt particles that are dispersed from a halogenerator enter the respiratory system and:

  • Dissipate mucus from the airways to remove airflow obstruction and maintain clear airways
  • Provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects in the whole respiratory tract
  • Help to clear unwanted, inhaled particles from the respiratory tract

Enhanced lung capacity leads to increased levels of oxygen and red blood cells, which can positively affect endurance and performance.

For three quarters and 45 minutes of game time, San Francisco was the better team.

Football is a four-quarter, 60-minute game, however, and according to the Associated Press, “San Francisco had nothing left in the fourth quarter”.

Did Kansas City win Super Bowl 54 because they spent the week at Turnberry, and their players used salt therapy to gain an edge over the 49ers by improving their breathing patterns and optimizing their lung capacity to ultimately enhance their endurance and performance?

Kansas City may well have been the better team, and we don’t know if any players ended up using the salt rooms, but with the way the game unfolded, and Jimmie Ward’s statement, a case could be made that salt therapy had an effect on the result of Super Bowl 54.

Let’s see what happens if the Chiefs fall behind this year!

In a related salt therapy Super Bowl scenario, SALT Chamber is working with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tight End Rob Gronkowski, Gronk Nation, and the Gronkowski family business G&G Fitness Equipment on the new NexGen Fitness facility in Buffalo, New York.

The Gronkowski’s will be supplying the fitness equipment, while SALT Chamber will handle the design, build, and installation of the therapy room.

Top athletes are always looking to get the most out of their performance by training to reach their maximum potential.

A big part of their training may include finding ways to improve their breathing patterns, optimizing lung capacity, and shortening recovery time.

Salt therapy is a natural way to create distinct wellness experiences in a relaxing and nurturing environment and introducing dry salt therapy into sports training can lead to better lung function and improve overall performance, endurance, and recovery.

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