About S.A.L.T. Chamber

We are the world’s leading authority for educating, consulting, marketing, training, and distributing the best Salt Therapy products and services.

SALT Chamber has two halogenerators that are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and have CE certifications. A halogenerator is a special type of equipment that is used to provide safe and effective Dry Salt Therapy.

Our halogenerators, the MULTI SALT FX® and SALT FX® PRO, are produced by a medical device company. Additionally, they comply with QS/ISO quality standards of the equipment, not just the electronics, and we have a US-based service center.

Celebrating our 11th anniversary in 2023, we have been bringing and expanding the salt therapy industry to the marketplace with over 2,500 completed projects. In just the past two years alone, SALT Chamber has worked with over 400 customers and facilities in starting or adding salt therapy (halotherapy).

From Hawaii, California, and Vancouver to Manhattan, Orlando, and everywhere in between, including Australia, New Delhi, and China, SALT Chamber has been designing and building salt therapy solutions as:

  • Stand-alone turnkey retail facilities focused primarily on Salt Therapy
  • Add-ons to Day Spas, Salons, Resorts, Med Spas, and medical practitioners from yoga and massage facilities to skin therapy and wellness clinics
  • Exclusive private residences
  • Personal and home care projects for those suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and other respiratory and skin conditions

S.A.L.T. Chamber Facilities

Our Boca Raton, Florida facility includes a Showroom that showcases and demonstrates all our salt equipment, halogenerators, and concepts including our Original SALT Booth®. We also have a unique display and samples of all types of our Himalayan salt décor including our Salt Panels, Salt Bricks, Salt Flooring, and Salt Cave materials.

SALT Chamber has a facility that encompasses a complete Manufacturing and Assembly Warehouse where we produce our Himalayan salt décor products and where we assemble, test, and service all our salt therapy equipment.

Storefront View Of The Salt Chamber Inc Facility.
Facility 4
Facility 2
Facility 5
Salt Chamber Truck - Side View
Facility 6

SALT Chamber also has a personalized delivery truck to provide custom design and build installations on various salt decor projects.

All of our sales, finance, operations, and executive offices are conveniently located all in the same facility!

A Message from the CEO Leo Tonkin

“People all across North America are getting salted! Yes, the Salt Therapy business is rapidly increasing, and SALT Chamber is proud to be leading the way. Having established the foundation for the industry by bringing salt therapy to the United States and Canada and other places around the world, SALT Chamber is making the health and wellness benefits of salt therapy widely known. Every day, thousands of people are going to salt facilities, day spas, wellness and healing centers, resort and destination spas, massage and yoga studios, and many other locations for dry salt therapy (halotherapy).

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve completed over 2,500 projects opening new businesses, adding salt therapy to their existing facility, and providing salt therapy for home use. SALT Chamber continues to provide the best solutions, Himalayan salt décor, salt therapy equipment, education, and training.

As the industry continues to grow, SALT Chamber has been focused on advancing salt therapy technology with higher quality products and standards. As you will see, we have several new products, concepts, and equipment being launched along with various unique rituals and protocols to further the advancement of dry salt therapy.

Pleased to be a corporate sponsor of the Spa Industry Association, a member of the International Spa Association, and a featured presenter at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference (IECSC), SALT Chamber is significantly invested in developing new and innovative ways to bring salt therapy to the marketplace and to expand the benefits of halotherapy to the health, wellness, and beauty industries.

What’s there to say, we love what we do. Our commitment to the industry remains unrivaled. SALT Chamber looks forward to sharing great news and updates as we continue to be an industry leader.”

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