SALT Chamber is a Pioneer and Innovator of Salt Therapy

SALT Chamber is the most established and successful salt therapy company in North America and continues to be the industry leader in innovative products, equipment, and salt decor concepts. 

We are the FIRST and ONLY salt therapy company with 3 UL Listed halogenerators, as well as the only salt therapy company that provides everything from designing, building, and installing salt rooms to having the most technically advanced and reliable halogenerators on the market.

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New Business or Add-on to Existing
Turnkey Solutions to Unique Projects
Salt Rooms & Salt Caves
Himalayan Salt Décor

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Why get into the Salt Therapy Business?
Which Concept is Right For You?
Why the Industry is Growing?
How To Get Started?

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Site Selection & Requirements
Concept & Space Planning
Build-out & Installation
Training & Marketing Support

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Our Products

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Multi Salt Booth 1
Salt Booth Flex 1
Salt Fx Pro 2
Multi Salt Fx 2
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Why Choose SALT Chamber

  • SALT Chamber has completed 2,500+ Salt Therapy Installations
  • Unmatched Expertise, Experience, Equipment, and Services
  • Highest-Quality Halogenerators for Salt Rooms in North America
  • The originator of the first SALT Booth®
  • The only company with 3 SALT Booth® models (made in the USA)
  • The only company with 3 UL Listed halogenerators
  • #1 Salt Therapy Provider for horses and pets
  • Full-Service Showroom, Manufacturing and Production Facility, and Customer Service and Parts Department
  • SALT Chamber works with architects, interior designers, and contractors from around the world on Himalayan salt room design and installation projects for luxury homes, country clubs, and resorts


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Horses, Livestock & Pets

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Salt Décor

Check out SALT Chamber’s unique Himalayan Salt Décor Solutions.

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SALT Chamber was the First…

  • To invent the SALT Booth®
  • To have 3 UL listed halogenerators
  • To sell halogenerators manufactured by a medical device company
  • To work with flotation tanks, cryotherapy, and dry saunas 
  • To report Himalayan salt decor provides no claimed health benefits
  • To develop a Himalayan salt-based product line
  • To offer free consulting, marketing material, and a client portal