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Spas Adding “Touchless” Salt Therapy To Massage Their Bottom Line

According to Mindbody’s COVID Edition: 2021 Wellness Trend Predictions, 59 percent of Americans say they’re not interested in high-touch services, while 31 percent say they’re willing to try a new “no-touch treatment” to relax during the pandemic.

Due to new norms and regulations, facilities must:

  • Update and Refine their Existing Spa Menu
  • Reduce Treatments that Demand Touch
  • Find High-Quality Wellness Alternatives

One alternative is Salt Therapy, which is simple and easy to implement and can produce a high ROI.

Do you have an empty 4’ x 4’ space? Add a SALT Booth®.

Do you have an underutilized room? Convert it into a Salt Room.

Salt therapy is currently in high demand and has never been more ESSENTIAL since it can aid in:

  • Cleansing the Respiratory System
  • Improving Lung Function
  • Boosting the Immune System

The fastest-growing service in the spa industry, salt therapy not only delivers high-quality hygienic treatments to enhance respiratory and skin health that are touchless and require minimal staff time, but they can also be customized for personalized wellness experiences.

Many spas and wellness centers are adding salt therapy to existing treatment rooms for massage and yoga, and offering the combination services “Salted Massage” and “Salted Yoga”.

The Woodhouse Day Spa in Dallas, Texas incorporates salt therapy into their massage therapy treatments, while Purify Wellness Center of Pleasant Grove, Utah offers yoga sessions in their salt room.

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SALT Chamber is the industry leader in salt therapy products, equipment, and decor, having worked on over 1,000 worldwide projects. 

With the importance of respiratory health, self-care, and personal wellness at an all-time high, businesses just like yours are adding salt therapy…now it’s your turn!

Contact us today to learn about how easy it is to add salt therapy.