Salt Therapy Success: Taking The Stress Out Of Adding Salt

Are you considering adding salt therapy to your facility? It can be overwhelming to envision not only what the salt room design will look like, but also how all the work will be completed. 

After all, there’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking about overhauling a space, revitalizing an unused space, or transforming an existing space into a dual-purpose experience offering salt therapy services.

When it comes to the design, build, and installation, SALT Chamber works with entrepreneurs who are starting a new salt therapy business and those who are adding salt therapy to their current business. We offer a complete range of salt therapy products, including salt therapy machines as well as decor.

We also partner with architects, interior designers, and general contractors on all phases of a project.

Additionally, we provide salt therapy training as part of this program. We cover everything from operating a salt machine to building effective marketing for your salt room business.

We provide a complete range of services for starting a new business from start to finish, or for any aspect of adding salt therapy to an existing business. Learn more about Customized Turnkey Solutions:

Stage C: Launching Salt Therapy ServicesSTAGE A: Planning for Salt Therapy Services

Step 1: Concept Planning

Every salt room starts with a good plan. In this step, we establish a basic conceptual framework for the project as a whole. Considerations include:

  • Location Selection, Site Feasibility & Evaluation
  • Concept Planning & Business Model
  • Business Planning, Budget & Projections

 Step 2: Space Planning

We’ll work with you on Himalayan salt room design — or design for any type of salt room, for that matter. Our priority is to make the design work with the space you already have. Crucial actions in this stage include:

  • Space Planning & Layout, HVAC, Halogenerator & Electrical Requirements
  • Lease & Build-Out Assessment
  • Traffic & Operation Flow – ADA Compliance

Step 3: Development

The development of the concept is carried out by keeping in mind the needs of the customer as well as the nature of the project. Planning around costs, expenses, and expected revenue is crucial for adding a successful halotherapy solution to your business. We take the following into account:

  • Capital Expenses, Investments, Financing
  • Revenue & Pricing Models & Projections
  • Operating & Staffing Costs

Stage B: Building A Salt RoomSTAGE B: Building a Salt Room

Step 4: Equipment, Decor, and Product Selection

We’ll not only help you select the right halogenerator and equipment you need, but also the ancillary items that will make your vision come true. Our comprehensive planning at this stage incorporates:

  • Equipment Installation Support
  • Salt Decor Design for Salt Room/Facility
  • Equipment Recommendations

Step 5: Installation, Set-Up & Testing

Coordinating the construction of your salt room leads to a high-quality final product. We can communicate directly with your on-site team, including architects and contractors, to ensure that everyone has the information required to meet the specifications correctly. We offer:

  • Collaboration with Architects & General Contractors
  • Blueprint Review, Construction & Project Management
  • Equipment Installation Support

Step 6: Program Development

Once your salt room is ready to go, it’s time to determine what you’re going to offer.  While we typically handle this in the design phase, we’ll help you determine how you’re going to present your new salt therapy services to the public! Program development priorities include:

  • Equipment Programming, Operational Training for Halogenerators
  • Customer/Retail Sales & Service
  • Daily Protocols, Techniques & “Hacks”

Stage A: Planning For Salt Therapy ServicesSTAGE C: Launching Salt Therapy Services

Step 7: Education, Operations & Staff Training

We’ll work with you and your staff to ensure that everyone that works with you understands salt therapy AND how to communicate it to your customers, members, and clients. Key training topics include:

  • Staff Training – Understanding How Salt Therapy Works
  • Industry Trends, Business & Financial Models, & Concepts
  • Joining the Salt Therapy Association

Step 8: Marketing Salt Therapy

We’ll hand you a roadmap that details the step-by-step action plan you can take to use salt therapy to bring new customers through the door. You can expect:

  • A One-on-One Phone Call with our Chief Marketing Officer
  • Website Essentials
  • Email Campaigns and Social Media Postings

Step 9: Building Momentum

We’ll help you begin to understand trends using your sales data and metrics, so you can focus more on what’s working and stop doing what isn’t. Support at this stage incorporates:

  • Understanding Trends Using Sales Data & Metrics
  • Event Planning & Educational Programs
  • Strategic Referrals & Cross Promotions

We Help You Understand Critical Factors for Success with Salt Therapy Services 

Our Turnkey Program is affordable and accessible — costs range from $750 to $3,000 depending on your specific needs.

Our deep reserve of past experience means we can help you through just about any issue related to implementing salt therapy services. We’re committed to helping your business create a program that aligns with your goals. 

When you get in touch with us, make sure to ask about our Salt Success Program. It offers even more support for your business.

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