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We have clients across the globe making salt therapy accessible to the international market.

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Laurie Adams - Breathe Salt & Sauna

Mayra Alba-Chartier - Salt Cove Wellness

Alexandra Janelli - Modrn Sanctuary

Tammy Wilkinson & Terry LeRoi - Aqua Spa Float Center and Wellness Boutique

First, Lightly Salted is doing very well! We’ve had a tremendous response from our community and people are so appreciative that this community finally has a center for holistic healing close to home. I want to thank you both and your teams for the insurmountable amount of patience and courtesy you showed our family in the final days leading up to and immediately following the opening of our space.

We built out our entire space, including the sandbox, salt walls, and aesthetic elements in ~6 days, and it was a wild ride. The pressure was definitely on and we could not have gotten through that without your support! The halogenerators and salt we purchased through you have lived up to the expectations for ease of use and longevity!

Lauren Kirk
Lightly Salted

Rene is amazing to work with! She is very very professional and pleasant to work with. After my consultation, I left more knowledgeable and educated than I began. I left feeling confident in myself and the salt therapy business. I trust that she truly had my best interest at heart. Every concern and fear I had was met with resolution and reassurance. Rene is the absolute best! I am so thankful I was able to work with her…I know I’m in good hands


Hey Lanette…this is Missy over at Peak Alkalinity in Fairhope Alabama…I just wanted to call and leave a message and let you know that very seldom does anyone supersede my expectations when it comes to service…I know that we bend over backward for our clients, but I have to tell you that you did just that yesterday and actually the first interaction that I ever had with you I could just tell that you are very customer-centric and it’s refreshing and I just want to know how much it’s appreciated…I hope you get this message and have had a great weekend…talk to you soon bye-bye.

Missy Gutiérrez
Peak Alkalinity
Fairhope, AL

Happy New year’s Rene! This is Loran Downes. I spoke with you in the later part of 2017 about putting a  Himalayas salt Room in at the time my soon to be purchased home. Well I finally got it and the one I wanted! And you told me to let you know when I did. I just found your number so I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for your kind and loving words!  I didn’t forget you. So as soon as I get things in order I will be contacting you if you’re still doing the salt rooms.

Just know you are appreciated, ??????
Thank you again
Loran Downes

“After years of suffering from a genetic breathing disorder that leaves me congested and short of breath most of the time, I have finally found something that gives me instant and lasting relief. I mean I could not believe that I went into my first session with a significant wheeze and left 45 minutes later taking deep breaths. The best part is that it lasts for extended periods of time and the more consistent I am with the Halotherapy the better I feel and it is all natural, no drugs”.

Rain Wellness Spa
Branford, CT

Helped me build my first salt room by giving advice and taking out the guesswork. Now Lanell is helping me to expand my business!

Cherise Hare
Founder and CEO at Pebble Nest Salt Booth
Hanover, PA

“Thank you Salt Chamber! You all have provided first class service throughout the entire process…from concept and strategy to installation and execution. Your ability to support us every step of the way from evaluating locations and space planning to equipment selection and build-out has been extremely valuable in terms of cost and time! The training you provided on Halotherapy was exceptional. We never thought getting into a new business and building a salt room facility could be so effortless for us. You guys truly exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. We love it and so do our clients. Cheers!”

– DT, Pennsylvania

“My name is Nicolette Reiser and I am a new customer and client to the salt world. Prior to deciding to add a Himalayan salt room to my new float business, I had not an inkling of knowledge as to what goes into designing, creating or ordering for a salt room. I called quite a few places but it was your company’s level of professionalism combined with Lanell’s excellent customer service that made me purchase with your company.

There are a lot of salt companies out there, and its hard to know who to choose. S.A.L.T. is a very professional company, helpful, thorough, organized and customer oriented.

Lanell as a sales rep is phenomenal. She answered every question I had (and I had a lot) with patience and lots of details. She even called me a few times when she was with her family – on the weekends and even over a holiday. I felt like I had a personal salt ambassador to help me. Lanell is friendly, genuine, persistent, passionate, smart and hard working.

Once we got through ordering, the excellent level of customer service continued. I wish I could remember their names, but the women who arranged my payment (accounting?) and the man who prepared and arranged my shipping also were easily accessible, answered every question and were very thorough. Even the delivery company you selected was excellent. My bricks came in a timely manner, as promised and intact. We are now at the point of prepping to build. We have just one email going in with Shimone this afternoon. I will keep you posted how the building of the salt walls and working with the advisory department experience goes. Once completed, if all goes well and smooth, I will gladly send pics of our salt room as well and you can use my testimonial on your website.”

Thank you,

Nicolette, New Jersey

Lanell has been amazing to work with! She is top-notch and gets things accomplished quickly and professionally! Leo Tonkin and his team are fantastic! I can’t wait to get opened so my clients can start to feel better with salt therapy!

Sharon Buerhaus
SALT of the Earth
Wickliffe, Kentucky

Salt Chamber has been amazing to work with.  We have added Halotherapy rooms to all three of properties and the knowledge, professionalism and customer service has been exceptional.  They have helped us every step of the way, from the thought process of creating our rooms, to making our Halotherapy Rooms come to life at each property.  The customer service does not stop there either, they are ready to answer questions and are there if any questions or concerns arise along the way once you are up and running as well.  Rene, Shimon, and Leo have been amazing and stand out in my opinion on their team and go above and beyond each time I reach out to them.  Thank you for the partnership and your expertise! 

Nikki Severson
Corporate Spa Director
Kalahari Spa and Salon

It is with much enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Lanell Fagan. I am a current customer of the SALT Chamber turnkey package. I have been working with Lanell for over a month now. She has been helping me diligently along the way to fulfill my personal dreams of owning and operating a Salt Therapy Facility. From the beginning of my introduction with Lanell Fagan as a sales representative, she has displayed professionalism, created a great customer/client relationship, was very timely with responses to my questions and request, and was very knowledgeable about the salt industry and my overall needs for my business plan. Going into this experience I had a negative stereotypical mindset from my previous experiences with sales representatives. Needless to say. Lanell Fagan not only changed my outlook about people in sales she truly encompasses what customer’s long for which is the customer’s voice is heard and their needs are met. I was able to share a personal story with Lanell about my motives behind opening a Salt Therapy Facility. Not only did she listen she shared a personal experience of her own. I truly felt during this process I not only had an awesome sales representative but a friend as well. In this day in time that is hard to find. She is a light and a gem who is very committed to her customers and their success. I hope by writing this you truly see what an asset you have within your company by having her on your team! With much thanks and gratitude for all she has done for me and my business.


Tricia Cole/Salisbury Salt Spa LLC

“Salt therapy is a relatively new industry here in the US and after researching and talking with various companies; we wanted to work with Salt Chamber. They are true professionals and are committed to really supporting their customers in being successful. We compared their S.A.L.T. FX® halogenerators to others and it is the by far the most reliable, the quietest and the simplest to operate and maintain. You have my recommendation!”

DB, New York

“We did our homework and research and after speaking with several companies and individuals, we wanted to work with Salt Chamber. They had the most knowledge, experience and business insight to guide us in making the right decisions. We wanted to partner with people who would work with us in making our vision come true….from the design and décor to the training and follow-on support, thanks Salt Chamber.”

RT, Florida

“Top-tier organization, outstanding service and team not to mention a resourceful experienced partner in starting a halotherapy business!! Highly recommend, best in the industry.”

KW, Arizona

“When I learned about Salt Rooms a while back it has been my dream to open up a center using this type of therapy. This year has been a blessing in making the dream come true. René Stern was my first contact to speak with about Salt Rooms. After a long process of interviewing different companies, the information René provided just resonated with my final decision of which company to go with. I am very thankful for René. From beginning till now I have had the most wonderful experience. Any time I call, email or txt with any questions, the response is usually right away or within an hour. Love this type of CS! Thank You So Much René for all your help and for helping me achieve my dream!!! Highly recommend SALT Chamber!

Khana, Arizona

Just a quick note to let you know what an asset Lanell Fagen is to you all. She’s been such a huge help and guided us through this process every step of the way. We are making progress and will be opening before too long. Folks are quick to complain when things are not up to par, and we want to make it a point to let it be known when someone is going over and above to help. We are very grateful for her professionalism, knowledge, and guidance.

Kudos to you, and your team.

Anthony and Janice Zakrzewski
Berkeley Springs Salt Cave LLC

I love my panels, and everything was carefully packed.
Blaine Lemelle and Rene Stern are a pleasure to work with. They answered any questions I had in a timely manner, and they gave me the best recommendation for my needs. I am glad I decided to do my business with Salt Chamber
Thank You.


Mayra Alba-Chartier
Salt Cove Wellness
Bath, Pennsylvania

I had the great pleasure to work with Rene Segal Stern at Salt Chamber on my first salt room project. Rene’s outgoing spirit, patience, and knowledge put this first-time entrepreneur’s mind at ease. Rene and the whole Salt Chamber Team provided me with a great customer care experience. They go above and beyond to help you from start to finish and then some! Looking forward to another opportunity to work with them again.

Sabrina Cote Keener
Be Still and Breathe Salt Room
Lebanon, Tennessee

New to the salt world. I am a holistic integrated veterinarian, wanted to offer salt therapy to our patients and their human parents. Just got it installed and have been having wonderful feedback from our pet parents! Short learning curve, very fun and rewarding results!

Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM
Pasco Veterinary Medical Center
Lutz, FL

“Initially we were going to go with another company and then we found out more about the various types of salt room designs and equipment and decided to work with Salt Chamber. We really did not want a ‘typical white salt thrown on the wall to get some sort of cave’ look idea. We wanted to use Himalayan salt and love how our rooms turned out. Salt Chamber’s brick and panel systems look amazing!”

AS, Louisiana

“I just wanted to let you know that the S.A.L.T. Bed® is exactly what my spa needed. I was thrilled that I was able to add salt therapy to my spa without having to build an entire salt room. The unit is a beautiful piece of equipment. It’s so easy to use and super easy to clean. I love that when the S.A.L.T. Bed® arrived all I had to do is take it out of the crate and plug it in. The training was great and my clients really enjoy their sessions. Not only that, it is bringing in additional revenue for my business, thanks.”

SP, Arizona

“I’d like to thank Rene Stern for introducing me and my son to Salt Therapy at Salt Chamber. After trying a few Salt Booth sessions with my son (who happens to have Cystic Fibrosis), we knew this was something we needed on a regular basis because it was giving us relief with our sinus, respiratory, and even helped ward off colds. We love it so much that we purchased a Multi Salt Booth for our home and use it every day – feeling so much healthier, and more importantly, breathing easier! Rene, Leo, Shimon and the entire staff at Salt Chamber have been so wonderful to us. We have learned a lot about Salt Therapy and now can attest to its efficacy with first-hand experience. Thank you Salt Chamber for excellent customer service, professionalism, patience, guidance, and attention to our needs.”

Lauri, South Florida

“My sinuses were clogged all day until I sat in the Saks Wellery Salt Room. Now I can breathe! It’s like being at the beach.”

Sonya, New York

“I have been very impressed with all of the communication from your company. The videos have been very helpful, and all of your work was the reason I decided to go with the SALT Chamber Company.”

Anita Benedictis
Infinity More Healing Center
Catonsville, Maryland

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