Salt Cave Construction: How to Build a Salt Cave


Salt Room At Solaia Condominiums In North Bergen, New Jersey With A Himalayan Salt Wall For Décor
The Salt Room At The Woodhouse Day Spa In Dallas, Texas, With A Massage Table And Himalayan Salt Brick Wall With A Halotherapy Machine.

Each of our client projects is distinct and different. Some are brand-new, multi-room retail salt facilities. Some are salt cave installations at existing day spas and salons. Resort and destination spas are adding salt therapy as an amenity, while country clubs and wellness centers are incorporating salt therapy as an additional benefit of membership. Massage therapists and yoga instructors are getting salted in salt rooms along with chiropractors and other health professionals.

Wondering how to create a salt room at home? SALT Chamber has worked on several high-profile residential projects. We know how to create a salt room for families in need of adding the benefits of salt therapy to their homes.

SALT Chamber works with each client to develop the right concept, vision, and design. We ensure the final product offers the best in therapeutic and effective salt therapy, but that’s not all. We help our clients implement a salt room design that fulfills their vision, is within their budget and financing, and is successful overall.

Our industry knowledge, technical expertise, creativity, business finesse, and commitment to providing quality and effective salt therapy is known throughout the industry. Small business owners, spa directors and owners, architects, general contractors, designers, medical professionals, the entrepreneurial business community, and so many more trust SALT Chamber as expert salt room builders.

As a Corporate Partner/Member of the Spa Industry Association (SIA), the Global Health & Fitness Association (IHRSA), the International Spa Association (ISPA), and a founding member of the Salt Therapy Association (STA), the SALT Chamber team brings a wealth and depth of experience to ensure your success.

Over the past 11 years, and over 2,500 salt therapy projects later, we have learned what works to be successful. From concept, space planning, and décor design to building, installation, and training, SALT Chamber has packaged complete turnkey solutions to meet every need.

We not only get into the details of the technical requirements for installing an effective salt therapy concept, but we can also provide the necessary training, and operational guidelines, along with management and marketing support.

We assist you in menu development, pricing models, and all the necessary information to be successful. We also have the most comprehensive financing options available.

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“Learn How To Successfully Get Into The Salt Therapy Business”

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How to Start, Get Into, & Build a Salt Therapy Business

The Salt Therapy Business Was Founded On The Same Principles Of Any Successful And Profitable Service Business. You Are Providing A Valuable Service To The Consumer For A Profit.

It is typically cost-prohibitive for an individual to obtain and acquire the right equipment and build the right environment for an effective means of delivering salt therapy. Facilities that offer salt therapy provide value and a benefit to people, and, in turn, people are willing to pay for this service.

However, some individuals are obtaining the right equipment and know-how to set up effective salt therapy at home. They want around-the-clock access for their personal benefit and their family’s health, regardless of the costs.

The Salt Room At The Alina Residences In Boca Raton, Florida With Two Chairs And Himalayan Salt Brick Walls.

As a relatively new industry, salt therapy is gaining interest as a distinct business opportunity. Benefits include:

  • Provides a great wellness program, ritual, and service
  • Maximizes space utilization and capacity
  • Little to no labor is involved
  • Increased revenue
  • Consumables are just pennies a day
  • High return on investment (ROI)
  • Packages well with other services and menu of programs
  • Keeps facility current by providing leading-edge programs
  • Enhances overall value for your guests
  • Tie-in to retail products and amenities
The Salt Room At The Woodhouse Day Spa In Atlanta, Georgia With Benches And A Himalayan Salt Brick Wall.

There are several factors to consider regarding getting into and starting a salt therapy business such as:

  • Resources
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Concept
  • Marketing
  • Pricing

Concept, Planning, And Development: How to Build a Salt Cave

Wondering how to build a Himalayan salt cave, or another type of salt room or chamber?

From a simple concept to a more complex configuration, there are a number of different variables that can go into designing your salt room, salt cave, or salt chamber.

We will partner with you to ensure that your salt room concept and vision are realized, regardless if you are transforming an empty or underutilized room into a salt room or building a salt cave from scratch. As dedicated and experienced salt room, salt chamber, and salt cave builders, we can help you realize success.

The Salt Room At Nexgen Fitness In Buffalo, New York With Chairs, Himalayan Salt Panels, And Himalayan Salt Bricks On The Wall.

There are many factors to consider when designing a salt room or developing a salt therapy facility such as:

  • Site evaluation
  • Size of room(s) and/or salt room concepts (i.e.; SALT Booth®, etc.)
  • Type of salt room(s) (relax, adults/children, yoga, multi-purpose, hot salt sauna, etc.)
  • Physical space and layout (dimensions, ceiling height, flooring, door/windows, etc.)
  • Detailed space planning, potential permit-ready plans
  • Construction restrictions, limitations, and local codes
  • ADA and other compliance issues, if any
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Salt décor design (walls, ceiling, floors)
  • Halogenerator requirements and placement
  • Furniture, fixtures, and accessories (seating, speakers/sound, etc.)
  • Target audience of end users, customers/consumers
  • Type of treatments, lengths of treatment sessions, and usage
  • Specific projected costs, expenses, and revenues
  • Finance options (if applicable)
  • Timeline

Our hands-on, real-world experience allows us to draw on our specific areas of expertise across the salt room construction project. We can offer valuable input when it comes to the design, planning, and development of an effective salt therapy facility. 

Depending on the scope of the project, we then begin working directly with you and your team including investors, owners, real estate brokers, landlords, engineers, architects, designers, and general contractors… Our goal is to better understand what is wanted and needed to ensure that things are done right the first time.

Cost to Build a Salt Room

Salt therapy is a relatively easy and affordable business to start. The salt therapy business is not a cookie-cutter concept, however — and that’s a good thing.  There are a variety of ways and flexible options to get started in the salt therapy business. You can easily add salt therapy to an existing business or develop a concept for establishing a new business.

The Salt Room At Palm Health In St. Louis Missouri With Benches And Himalayan Salt Brick Walls.

You have three basic options to provide salt therapy:

  1. Allocating space for a room or rooms to be built or converted into a salt chamber.
  2. Providing other salt therapy equipment, such as individualized SALT Booths®.
  3. A combination of the above.

There are many configurations of these concepts. You could have one salt cave for adults, one for kids, and a multi-purpose salt room where you can also conduct yoga and other classes. Private rooms and individualized salt therapy units are also options to consider.

A Woman Sitting In A Salt Room On A Bench In Front Of A Himalayan Salt Brick Wall At The Jw Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort &Amp; Spa In Aventura, Florida.

Your initial capital investment and startup costs will include:

  • Physical space, real estate, and possible build-out
  • Salt therapy equipment for halotherapy (halogenerators, individual salt therapy equipment, etc.)
  • Interior, salt décor, and furnishings
  • Initial start-up expenses
  • Phone, internet, computer, software, and other technology
  • Marketing, website, basic printing
  • Other equipment, general maintenance, and supplies
  • Licenses, filings, insurance
  • Operating expense reserve

How to Build a Salt Cave: Space

Your initial capital investment and start-up costs will vary. Key factors include your concept, scope of services, equipment, décor theme, available budget and resources, financing, real estate, possible construction costs, and more.

As a new business, you must first acquire a space. Depending on your local real estate market, you will have to invest an initial amount of dollars, based on the square footage rates and common area maintenance (CAM) fees. Often, you will have to pay the first and last month’s lease in advance, as well as possible security deposits and more.

You may have additional costs for building out the space to your specifications. You might obtain a vanilla box — what is known as an empty shell — where you may have to build walls, add flooring, doors, ceilings, etc. Or, you may have to do some renovation, remodeling, or demolishing work.

There are specific HVAC requirements and climate control factors that are directly related to providing salt therapy and/or using salt therapy equipment. Proper build-out for operating a safe and effective salt therapy facility is crucial.

Depending on your lease rates and terms, along with the local and current marketplace, you could negotiate a Tenant Improvement (TI) allowance with the owner/landlord to offset some or all of the build-out. You could possibly obtain abatement in terms of free rent and other possibilities.

Salt Fx® Halogenerators

How to Build a Salt Cave: The Equipment

For active halotherapy rooms, the heart of your business is your salt therapy equipment. You need to have a reliable, high-quality, easily maintained, multi-functional, and programmable SALT FX® halogenerator.

You MUST have one halogenerator per room or piece of equipment. It must be strategically placed and installed during salt cave construction to ensure effective salt therapy sessions for your customers. There are room size capacity issues with some halogenerator manufacturers.

Individualized salt therapy equipment such as SALT Booths® are self-contained and require no modifications to a room. These devices simply plug in.

The Salt Room At Kalahari Resort With Chairs, Himalayan Salt Panels And A Himalayan Salt Brick Wall.

How to Build a Salt Cave: Himalayan Salt Decor

Your biggest variable expense will be your salt décor. Depending on your preference, concept, style, and theme, your salt décor costs will vary.

Keep in mind that you do not need any salt décor to provide effective active salt therapy. The efficacy of halotherapy is provided solely by the halogenerator.

Passive salt caves that don’t have a halogenerator but have a large volume of salt coverage in the room still need to modify the room and the HVAC system.

Having a unique or a particular designed environment does add to the customer’s experience and will enhance the overall salt therapy session. Some people like a salt cave-like theme, and some like a more Zen or spa-like environment. Some are simple, and others have more elaborate décor themes. Some are themed for children and others are geared toward other architectural elements.


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