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How to Build and Design a Salt Room with SALT Chamber

The Salt Room At Vitalie With 4 Chairs, A Massage Table And Himalayan Salt Brick Walls.

SALT Chamber has been the leader in revolutionizing the salt therapy industry since 2012. We have acted as pioneers and innovators in the emergence of salt room therapy. We continue to devote our time to improving and expanding on the overall experience that a salt room offers.

We have brought the salt therapy room concept to over 3,600 facilities worldwide. This has truly been a game-changing investment for many businesses, spas, destination resorts, and medical practitioners alike. We help individuals and families add salt therapy rooms to their own homes, as well.

What Is A Salt Room?

A salt room, often referred to as a salt cave, is a unique yet rewarding concept. These rooms allow you to provide yourself and your guests with a natural, drug-free, holistic, touchless therapeutic spa and wellness experience that can help treat skin issues, as well as enhance mental wellness.

A SALT Chamber salt room incorporates the use of our SALT FX® Halogenerator. This machine, manufactured at a medical device facility, grinds, crushes, and disperses pure-grade sodium chloride as micron-sized salt particles. 

Those salt particles can help treat respiratory system issues when inhaled. And, when particles from a halotherapy salt room are absorbed by your epidermis, they can help address skin conditions as well. A salt room delivers many health benefits to your mind and body.

Salt rooms also provide a generally relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. You can tap into that broad benefit by adding comfortable seating, soft lighting, and decor. Products that are also sometimes added to a salt room include:

The Salt Room At Pga National Resort And Spa With A Bench And Himalayan Salt Brick Walls.

Who Is A Salt Room For?

There are many different uses for a salt room or salt cave. Our diverse clientele illustrates a broad variety of services, ranging from personal use to large wellness center operations.

In terms of who is joining forces with salt cave concepts, some of the salt cave clients are brand-new to the salt facility industry. Others are looking to expand existing spa and salon spaces. In addition, hotels, destination resorts, country clubs, and wellness centers are flocking to salt cave concepts.

Of course, we have many clients who want to bring the benefits of a halotherapy salt room into their own homes.

Building A Salt Room

Everybody will have different needs and interests regarding their salt cave. Our priority is to work closely with our clients to make every dream and vision come to life. We consider image, budget, and financing carefully at every step.

We have gained an overwhelmingly positive reputation due to our knowledge of the salt therapy industry, business acumen, and commitment to providing quality and effective salt therapy.

We work hand-in-hand to help you achieve everything you’ve dreamed of or visualized with your salt cave.

Commercial Benefits of Adding or Converting a Room into a Salt Room:

  • Provides a great wellness program, ritual, and service
  • Maximizes space utilization and capacity
  • Little to no labor is involved
  • Increased revenue
  • Consumables are just pennies a day
  • High return on investment (ROI)
  • Packages well with other services and menu of programs
  • Stay current with providing leading-edge programs
  • Enhances overall value for your guests
  • Tie-in to retail products and amenities
The Salt Room At St. Andrews Country Club
Woman Sitting In A Salt Room In Front Of A Himalayan Salt Wall With Himalayan Salt Bricks.
The Salt Room At Addison Reserve Country Club.

A salt room allows you to provide a relaxing and therapeutic spa and wellness experience for your guests. Depending on the size of the salt room, you can accommodate an individual, couples, and groups of people for a 20-, 30-, or 45-minute salt therapy session.

Some characteristics to consider while planning is your site evaluation, size of the room(s), physical space and layout, construction restrictions, and heating or air conditioning. However, a lot more goes into the process that we will work on together from the ground up.

It may seem overwhelming at first glance. However, by narrowing down your vision, you will be 10 times more satisfied with the outcome of your salt room.

Benefits of Adding or Converting a Room into a Salt Room in Your Home: 

  • Salty air helps to treat skin and respiratory issues
  • Creates a dedicated space for relaxation and wellness
  • Design your salt therapy room how you want it — you can select the decor and additional amenities
  • Halotherapy is safe and effective — almost anyone can use a salt room
  • Offers a unique and refreshing experience for visiting friends, family, and other guests
  • Minimal labor required
  • Low ongoing costs to operate your halogenerator

Cost To Build A Salt Room

The cost may vary greatly depending on your needs and wants regarding your future salt room. 

However, prices are relatively affordable compared to other spa options. You should remember that salt caves are not a one-size-fits-all; you can personalize and adjust your salt room to best fit your budget and financing strategies.

Your initial investment costs will cover the following:

  • Space, real estate, and possible expansion
  • Various salt therapy equipment for halotherapy (halogenerators, individual salt therapy equipment, etc.).
  • Decoration, furnishings, and interior design
  • The initial start-up costs
  • Technology such as phones, computers, software, and the internet
  • Marketing, website development, and basic printing
  • Maintenance, general supplies, and other equipment
  • Licenses, filings, insurance
  • Reserve for operating expenses

Again, it is essential to note that the cost can be personalized to your specific wants and needs while molding to your vision.

If you’re planning on building a salt room at home for personal use, there are fewer costs to take into account. Factors such as salt therapy equipment, supplies, decor, and installation still apply. However, you won’t have to worry about costs like marketing, business start-up expenses, or licensing.

Image Of A Salt Room At A Private Residence In Newport Beach, California. | Salt Chamber
Woman Sitting In A Salt Room
A Salt Room With Two Woman Lying On Reclining Chairs With A Himalayan Salt Brick Wall.

Converting An Empty Or Underutilized Room Into A Salt Room

One popular option is to convert an empty or underutilized room into a salt room. This gives you the ability to accomplish more with your space.

You can do so without the extra costs of creating and establishing a new space for your salt cave. Adding a salt room to an empty or underutilized room could significantly benefit your business. It can also add value to your home while supporting your health and wellness.

Two Women Doing Yoga In A Salt Room In Front Of A Himalayan Salt Wall With Himalayan Salt Bricks.

What Additional Modalities Can Be Done In A Salt Room?

Salt rooms can work alongside traditional, nontraditional, and herbal relaxation methods. The principles of salt caves embody total relaxation and healing. That means you can supplement salt rooms with additional modalities, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Mindfulness
  • Sound Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Many other modalities
Salt Fx® Halogenerators

Halogenerators For Salt Rooms

The halogenerator, or halotherapy machine, is known as the “heart and soul” of a salt room. A halogenerator provides dry salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, safely and effectively.

SALT Chamber offers the SALT FX® Pro for rooms up to 450 sq. ft. and the Multi SALT FX® for rooms up to 150 sq. ft. Our SALT FX® halogenerators are the only halogenerators that are UL Listed, CE Certified, comply with QS/ISO quality standards, and are made in a medical device facility.

A good halogenerator ensures that the salt released in the air in the salt room is released in perfect, micron-sized particles and at optimal salt concentration levels. This guarantees that the full force of benefits achieved from therapeutic salt therapy is reached.

 Decor Options For Salt Rooms

There are several routes to go with decorating your salt rooms. The SALT Chamber design and installation team have worked on over 2,500 salt therapy caves around the world. We have a leading group of experts that can assist with drafting the perfect decor to fit your dreams and desired aesthetic.

A Salt Room With Benches, Himalayan Salt Bricks On The Walls And Custom Himalayan Salt Panels On The Ceiling.

Himalayan Salt Decor: Create Your Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan salt is known for both its therapeutic effects and aesthetically calming appearance. The light, calm tones of Himalayan salt go hand-in-hand with the relaxing benefits of salt therapy and salt rooms.

SALT Chamber offers custom Himalayan salt panels that are 22” x 22”, as well as Himalayan salt bricks to create salt walls. Most bricks are 8” x 4” x 1”, but we have a variety of sizes to choose from.

Begin Your Salt Therapy Journey

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