How does a Halogenerator work?

All SALT Chamber halogenerators have the same basic principles:

  • You place dry, pure grade sodium chloride crystals into the feeder mechanism which releases the dry salt into the grinder.
  • The grinder is made of a high-quality stainless steel blade and cutting mechanism that can precisely crush, grind, and cut the salt crystals into precise micro-particles.
  • These particles are then dispersed by a blower/fan mechanism that pushes the salt particles into the salt chamber room.
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Halogenerators Buyer'S Guide

Halogenerator Buyer’s Guide

Our Halogenerator Buyer’s Guide teaches you everything you need to know about halogenerators and halotherapy. It’s the perfect companion piece for our Halogenerator’s Webinar.

Click below to download our Buyer’s Guide, and click here to watch our halotherapy webinar.

Halogenerator Comparison Chart

ManufacturerPrizmaHalomedIirisAnchor Salt World
Country of OriginSerbiaLithuaniaEstoniaEstonia
Type of FacilityMedical DeviceManufacturingPlastics/ManufacturingPlastics/Manufacturing
CompanySALT ChamberHalomedNAThe Salt RoomGlobal Halotherapy
ISO Quality Certification
QS Certification
UL Certifications
✔️ (2)
✔️ (1)
Bluetooth Mobile App
Remote Control Key Fob
Auxiliary Capabilities
US-Based Facility-Service Center
Parts Kit and Fuses
10 years
2 years
2 years
3 years
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How do you install a halogenerator?

  • Halogenerators are simple to install and require no special or unique tools.
  • They plug into standard 110v outlets, use low power consumption and require no special amperage or modifications to electrical components.
  • Halogenerators need ‘clean’ air to function properly and provide effective salt therapy. That is why they are directly mounted on the other side of a salt room or SALT Booth® wall with the ‘sleeve’ coming through and into the salt room or SALT Booth® to disperse the dry salt aerosol. If the halogenerator was inside the room or SALT Booth®, it would be recycling the salty air in the room through the machine, which is not desired.
  • The attached sleeve of the halogenerator is mounted at approximately 4’6” from the ground. The device is attached vertically to the wall with simple anchoring screws.
  • The halogenerator is designed for one salt room or SALT Booth® and cannot handle multiple rooms or more than one SALT Booth®.
  • They cannot be attached to ductwork since microscopic salt particles do not travel distances or bend around corners or angles. That is why the halogenerator is flush-mounted on an existing wall of the salt room or SALT Booth® protruding directly into the salt room or SALT Booth®.

How do you operate and maintain a halogenerator?

  • Once the halogenerator is installed, all you have to do is put salt into the device and press start.
  • SALT Chamber halogenerators can also be programmed and operated remotely via Bluetooth devices.
  • All SALT Chamber halogenerators can store up to 9 preset salt session programs with an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of session length, concentration levels, and more.
  • SALT Chamber halogenerators are modular in design and features “Smart Connect” attachments using industrial strength magnets instead of clumsy and time-consuming screws and clamps for easy and quick access to make cleaning and maintenance simple and safe.
  • Depending on the frequency of usage, a few quick cleanings using a brush may be needed periodically through the day, with no more than a five-minute maintenance protocol at the end of the day.

How much do Halogenerators cost?

  • Download our Halogenerator Buyer’s Guide for pricing and then contact us to order.
  • Purchasing multiple halotherapy systems, along with our complete salt therapy projects, may qualify for additional discounts.
  • They have a low power consumption of 110W, so electrical operating costs are minimal.
  • The only consumable is the pure-grade HaloSalt™ that is put into the halogenerator and depending on the salt room size and session length and programs, it could range from a few pennies to 10 cents a session.
  • Interested in building your own?  Learn how to build a salt therapy room.

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