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Simplistic Salt Therapy

Since medieval times, salt has been used for healing purposes. Monks used to take the ill into salt caves for them to breathe in the mineral-infused air. The natural therapy provided by these caves has recently been revived and is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

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to learn about creating a salt room at your location. Salt cave installation and design are available and vary based on your individual needs, and smaller cocoon type salt therapy pods are also an option for those with a smaller location or less funding. Salt therapy options can be brought to your location and placed in the area of your choice. Pods have similar conditions to the caves and provide healing salts and minerals to those inside. Clients will walk into your facility stressed and run down, and leave less than an hour later feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of the day!

Salt cocoons are a great option, as they can be moved and stored in any room in your spa (or even your home!). The microclimate is maintained just like that of a salt chamber or cave and provides the same result. The cocoon is usually used between 5-45 minutes at a time and works automatically. The come in different sizes and can be customized for your particular location. Your professional installer will provide training and knowledge regarding the product, so you will know exactly how to utilize it for the maximum benefit.

In addition to helping clients relax and wind down after a long say, salt therapy also has many health benefits. Those that have trouble with asthma, COPD, or other respiratory illnesses find relief after taking part in salt therapy. It is also used to enhance the appearance of skin and to treat psoriasis and acne.

This old, and new, therapy is mind blowing and helps to ease many ailments physically and mentally. Clients will come back again and again after their first session. Results vary based on condition, but the feeling of relaxation and well-being is immediate. Jump into the new best thing, and enhance your business by providing the fastest growing therapy available. Your clients will be delighted, and your business will grow tremendously as those curious about the therapy begin to take part in it.