Salt Pieces

With a Grain of Salt

The latest form of therapy to hit the market is salt therapy. It is drugless, pain-free, relaxing, and non-invasive. There are really no downfalls to engaging in a salt therapy session, as salt has so many beneficial properties for those that choose to take part. Microcrystals are used to fully recharge the body, leaving your clients feeling motivated, energized, healthy, and stress-free!

Salt PiecesFor many years it has been known that salt has healing properties, which makes it difficult to believe that salt treatments haven’t been that popular since people used them in ancient times. It is good to see that people are turning to it again, making salt therapy more prevalent and well known. The benefits of salt therapy seem endless, and no negative effects have been reported by anyone that has taken part in a salt therapy session.

Salt rooms are enveloped in Himalayan salts and are adorned with dim mood lights in an effort to make the client feel more relaxed during their session. The walls, ceilings, and floors are all covered in multiple inches of these salts, and a halogenerator. The halogenerator grinds the salt particles down, which makes them easier to inhale. They have a high concentration of negative ions, which help to neutralize the positive ions that are given off by machines and electronic devices. All rooms are temperature controlled and peaceful in an effort to make the client feel comfortable for the duration of their session.

The salt room smells very clean and crisp. The salt in the air is prominent, and the user will almost be able to taste it as they make their way to their seat. Tranquil music plays quietly in the background as the client sits or lies back on the chairs. Most clients choose to stay in the room for about 45 minutes, as they become more relaxed and seem to be in a meditative state. By the end of their session, they will feel genuinely better. Those who have medical conditions and visit the room regularly will feel increasingly better over time when it comes to their respiratory health.

If salt therapy seems like an option that you would like to add to your spa, visit, where they specialize in salt rooms of all shapes, sizes, and designs. Your needs and vision will be met, and exceeded. Guests will be delighted with your new addition, and many repeat customers will be found.