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About Salt Therapy

Salt therapy has been taking the world by storm! A salt therapy session is similar to spending hours in the salty sea air, but it actually takes less than an hour, and is a dry therapy, not a wet therapy like the beach! It also offers many more benefits than just the relaxation that one would get on the beach.

Even in ancient times, healers knew that salt had positive effects on the body. They would advise their patients to spend time in a salt cave to heal the effects of the conditions that they were suffering from. They learned of the powerful qualities of salt from miners that were working in the salt caves. It was found that they suffered from many less respiratory illnesses than those that worked in other professions.

There are many positive effects of salt therapy. Salt levels affect the cellular activity within the body, energy, and blood sugar levels. Salt is also a natural disinfectant that is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Salt therapy works wonders for those suffering from respiratory and skin conditions.

Inhaling the micro-particles of pure grade sodium chloride (salt) from the halogenerator while in a salt therapy room or SALT Booth® helps relieve inflammation in the lungs, which improves the effects that asthma, COPD, and allergies have on the body. After a salt therapy session, those that suffer from respiratory conditions will be able to breathe easier and the condition of their skin will improve as well.

Better sleep patterns have even been reported from salt therapy as well! Treatments are recommended to keep the body healthy, in addition to helping those that are already suffering with an illness.

Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne can also be treated with the help of salt therapy. The dry salt that is emitted into the salt room or SALT Booth® helps to moisturize and enhance the skin. Incorporating salt therapy in your life is a great lifestyle change.