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Salt Room Tips

A growing number of people are considering salt therapy to treat respiratory issues and skin conditions. It is used as an alternative to traditional medicine, and can also be used to compliment it. Many companies are now offering the materials needed to build a salt room right in the comfort of your own home! Even some workplaces are adding salt rooms or a SALT Booth® onsite for employees to unwind on their breaks.

The easiest way to create a salt room is to use existing space in your home or office. There aren’t really any set rules regarding the size and shape needed for your salt room, but SALT Chamber can help you decide. It really depends on your personal preferences, the room available, and your budget.

When it comes to style, consider your personal taste and your budget. Some clients prefer to mimic the feel of a real salt cave by using uncut salt blocks and minimal lighting. Other prefer a sleek look that is created with special salt panels. If you can think of it, it can probably be done!

There are some extras that can be included, depending on the feel you want for the room. Consider loose salt on the floor to add to the surface area in your room, and to add the ability to actually walk on the salt. Typically, an inch of salt has proven to work best. Salt crusted ceilings also help to increase the surface area and can even be made to mimic the stalactites of a traditional salt cave.

Professionals are there to help! SALT Chamber will help build your salt room and will offer our expertise as well as ways to promote the effectiveness of the room.