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Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan SALT Décor™: Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan SALT Décor™: Himalayan Salt Bricks When it comes to luxurious and unique interior design, look no further than Salt Chamber’s Himalayan Salt Bricks. Known as the premier Salt Décor provider, Salt Chamber is setting industry standards with its superior, high-quality salt bricks, or salt blocks, sourced directly from the mines of Pakistan. These are […]

How To Create The Perfect Salt Room Environment 2024

How to Create the Perfect Salt Room Environment 2024

To create the perfect salt room environment, focus on design, equipment, and climate control. Use 99.9% pure-grade sodium chloride for the best therapeutic effects, ensuring it’s approved by the Salt Therapy Association. Maintain humidity levels between 40-70% and temperature around 68°F (20°C) to optimize halotherapy benefits. Design should prioritize comfort and relaxation, with soothing lighting, […]

Salt Cave Vs Salt Room

Salt Cave Vs Salt Room: What’s the Difference?

Salt rooms and salt caves both offer therapeutic salt therapy, but differ in design and ambiance. Salt rooms feature modern designs with salt walls, panels, or tiles, providing a tranquil environment with dim lighting and comfortable seating. They’re suited for those seeking a serene, relaxing experience. Salt caves mimic natural salt mines with rugged, primal […]