Salt Therapy Equipment Financing

As one of the market leaders in the Salt Therapy industry, as well as our commitment to making salt therapy more accessible and available for its wellness benefits, we have created our SALT Therapy Financing Program.  This program is partnered with Innovative Lease Services, Inc. and allows you to acquire our equipment, décor, products, and services with various alternative payment plans. This allows a business to make smaller, more affordable payments towards the equipment while simultaneously making a profit from its usage.

Example Financing Pricing

Equipment Cost:Finance Term:Payments As Low As:
Multi SALT FX® Halogenerator$4,99536 months$193 per month
SALT FX® Pro Halogenerator $6,50036 months$251 per month
Multi SALT Booth®$7,49536 months$300 per month
The Original SALT Booth®$9,99536 months$385 per month
Average Children Salt Room$10,00036 months$395 per month
Himalayan 6-Person Salt Room$20,00036 months$790 per month

Note: Finance terms and cost may vary based on credit and other factors


Why You Should Finance Our Equipment For Your Business

Leasing allows you to acquire the capital asset you need and it enables you to leave your business cash alone.

Leasing means lower payments without placing all of your eggs, or in this case business capital, in one basket. 

Need to get approved quickly?  No problem. Apply, get approved, and we will pay your vendor for your equipment on your behalf within just a few days!

Maybe your business has already used a line of credit from the bank. We can provide you a Working Capital Loan virtually for a business expense, without having to go to a bank. 

Leasing allows you to have the latest technology in your hands at all times. At the end of a lease, trade the equipment in for the newest models. 

All related leasing needs included in one lease. Lease = Equipment (New or Used) + Shipping & Delivery + Installation + Training + Tax.


Can I get approved now without extensive financing statements?
Can I take advantage of tax benefits and deduct payments?
Can I defer payments until the equipment is installed correctly?
Can I avoid financial reporting?No, Shows Debt on Balance SheetFull Payment Required
Can I have no cash outlay or down payment?No, Banks Require a Down Payment
Can I match monthly payments to current cash flow requirements?
Can I buy equipment quickly?Full payment required
Can I purchase used equipment?Ownership OnlyFull payment required
Do I have ownership options at the end of the term?Ownership Only
Can I get approved with a bankruptcy?
Can I get my start-up approved for financing?


  1. Apply Online: Two-minute application
  2. Finalize Documents Electronically: Sign contracts with our secure process
  3. Receive Financing and Equipment

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