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What to Do Before and After a Halotherapy Session

You’ve already heard about the wonders of halotherapy and are ready to schedule your first appointment. Now you might be asking yourself…

In this article, we’ll share some generally accepted tips for what to do before a halotherapy session and what you should do afterward to ensure you get the most out of your first halotherapy treatment. Each spa, salon, or wellness facility may have halotherapy before and after guidelines, so it’s a good idea to ask when you make your appointment.

Beyond Blessed Therapy - Halotherapy Salt BoothHow Do You Prepare for a Halotherapy Session?

A halogenerator is a device that grinds pure-grade sodium chloride and disperses it into the air in a salt room, salt cave, or SALT Booth®. Preparing for halotherapy is simple since the halogenerator does most of the work. Still, you should know a few dos and don’ts before heading to your first treatment.


  • Do eat a light meal before your session so you aren’t hungry during treatment.
  • Do hydrate before and after your visit.
  • Do arrive at least 15 minutes before your session begins.
  • Do bring any reading materials you want to have with you.
  • Do bring a small towel to cough into if needed.
  • Do reschedule your halotherapy appointment if you are sick or running a fever.

Do Not’s

  • Don’t bring electronic devices (including wireless headphones) into the treatment room.
  • Don’t bring food or drinks into the salt room, salt cave, or SALT Booth®.
  • Don’t wear perfume, essential oils, or scented body lotion, as some clients may be allergic.
  • Don’t smoke before entering the salt cave to protect clients with respiratory issues.

Some wellness centers may allow you to bring your phone and headphones into the salt cave. Ask what is and is not permitted when you schedule your appointment to ensure you know the guidelines for your spa.

How Should I Dress For Halotherapy?

Halotherapy does not require special clothing, but many salt therapy spas have guidelines for what to wear and what not to wear.

Some guests bring their blankets if the room gets too cool, though many spas provide fresh blankets. Hairnets may also be provided, though you can wear long hair in a bun or ponytail.

If you use halotherapy to address a skin condition, you’ll want to wear clothing that exposes as much of the area as possible. For all other treatments, follow the recommendations below.


Salt will not harm your clothes or body so you can wear anything comfortable. Clothing that is loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-colored is best. Darker-colored clothing may show salt but can be brushed off after exiting the treatment room.


Although salt is naturally antibacterial, you are typically not allowed to go barefoot in a salt room, salt cave, or SALT Booth®.

Generally, shoes are removed, and booties are provided to wear over socks or bare feet before entering. Children should always wear clean socks since booties may be too large for their feet.

What Should I Expect After Using Halotherapy?

It’s possible to feel relief after one session, but you may need to go consistently to experience the best results.

Please shower before your halotherapy session. You can shower after your halotherapy session, but you may want to wait a few hours to allow the salt that has landed on your skin to be absorbed.

After the First Session

  • After your first visit, you may feel a tickle in your throat or cough a little during or immediately after treatment; this is the salt working to clear your airways.
  • You may start to breathe easier following the session since salt therapy helps clear mucus blockages in your airways.
  • You may experience sinus drainage as soon as you finish treatment, or it may happen hours later.
  • You can expect to feel more relaxed and renewed and may sleep better the first night.

After a Few Sessions

  • Soothing of skin conditions such as acne and eczema may happen.
  • Your skin may appear healthier if you don’t have an existing skin condition.
  • Your body will absorb iron, calcium, potassium, and other essential minerals better.
  • You may see a reduction in sinus inflammation and improved lung capacity and function.
  • You may experience reduced stress and anxiety.

Salt therapy offers a number of benefits for your body and mind. With regular visits, your respiratory and skin health can improve significantly.

How Often Can You Use Halotherapy?

Salt therapy is safe to undergo daily, though many can benefit from regular weekly sessions.

Everyone reacts to salt differently, so how frequently you use halotherapy may depend on how it’s working and the type and severity of your condition.

Learn What to Do Before and After a Halotherapy Session

Halotherapy is safe and effective and a great addition to your wellness routine. Regular sessions may help improve your overall health and well-being, and you don’t have to feel sick to visit a salt therapy spa. The best time to undergo salt therapy is before you get sick since it is a preventative treatment.

We’re always happy to discuss how salt therapy can change your life! Still have more questions about halotherapy? Contact our Salty Specialists now!