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Treat Your Clients

Salt therapy keeps clients coming back. With salt therapy, you can offer more benefits for your clients than with any other form of treatment available at your wellness center.

SaltroomPeople are becoming more health conscious. They want to make healthier choices and get more out of their typical spa treatment. You have to do more than creating a stress-free environment where clients can enjoy a massage before going about the rest of their day.

Spa owners and practitioners would be wise to stay on top of this new type of therapy, in order to keep clients walking through the door day after day. This will keep clients coming back, and booking their next sessions before they leave.

Utilizing Himalayan salts is a great way to make clients feel better physically and emotionally, which is what they are looking for when they come to any wellness center. The salts have 84 elements that are already found in the human body, allowing for a great healing experience. When the minerals are absorbed, the salt helps to balance pH levels, improve circulation, calm the nervous system and helps to make the metabolism work properly.

There are many different ways to incorporate salt therapy into your business. There are smaller devices, like salt booths, salt beds, and salt cocoons that can be placed almost anywhere. These devices allow the client to go inside and inhale the sale particles that are dispersed by a halogenerator while they relax and enjoy the benefits. The salt booth and the salt bed are for one person, but the cocoon and hold a mother and child comfortably while allowing both to benefit from the session. These devices are low maintenance and require little time to set up and get going. No construction is needed, and a contractor won’t need to be called to work on the project.

With salt rooms, it is a bit different. The whole room is created to represent a salt cave and has salt lining the ceilings, walls, and floors. Guests are fully engulfed in the salt therapy session, as it is all around them and is also pumped into the room using a halogenerator. Guests sit down and relax while letting the sense of calm take over them. It is important to get it done right and to contact a professional to ensure this is the case.  Salt cabins are also available as an alternative to the salt room. They are a bit smaller and can be moved based on needs.