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Tranquility and Healing

Most people grew up believing that less salt was the key to a happy, healthy life. But this is a huge misconception, as salt actually helps to heal and rejuvenate the body in its most pure form. Salt therapy is a new (to the US) form of therapy known as halotherapy. More and more people are learning about it, and trying to find locations that offer it in their area.Select spas offer salt therapy and finding one is a huge win for both your emotional and physical health.

Salt Room MoodxThose who live with the daily effects of allergies, eczema, sinus infections, COPD, flu and cold, and cystic fibrosis are turning to salt therapy for relief from their symptoms. While salt therapy is not a medical treatment or cure, it does help to relieve the symptoms of most respiratory ailments. Salt is very antimicrobial, which assists in removing toxins from the body. This, in turn, relieves symptoms. It is a natural, affordable alternative to prescriptions, with none of the harsh side effects. In fact, no negative effects have been reported.

Pharmaceutical quality crystal sodium chloride that is manufactured under very strict guidelines is used for halotherapy purposes. The finely ground salt gets deep into the lungs when inhaled, and coats the skin. The benefits of inhaling the pure salt are overwhelming, and once a person decides to try it, they usually are ready to go back for another session within days!

Salt therapy helps to keep the immune system healthy because it thins and mitigates excess mucus while reducing inflammation. Because of this, the body is better able to get rid of allergens and other pollutants in the system. Those with either oily or dry skin can benefit by utilizing salt therapy techniques. The effects of acne, psoriasis, and eczema will see that salt therapy helps to clear the skin and make it appear healthier. Salt beds are the ideal method for skin related therapy.

In addition to its physical effects on the body, salt therapy also helps reduce stress. Some people use it strictly for this purpose. Salt caves are meant to be quiet and tranquil, allowing for the mind to wander during the session. While breathing in the salt that lines the walls and coats the floors, spa clients will be taken away from the irritations of the day.  They will leave refreshed, and ready to take on the next challenge.