Himalayan Salt

The Miracle Mineral

Salt is becoming known as the “miracle mineral” and has been used for healing for many years in various parts of the world to treat many different kinds of ailments ranging from respiratory ailments to skin conditions.

Miracle MineralIt has unique anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that mitigate the effects of conditions and leave the client feeling refreshed and ready to continue on with their day full force.

Across the country, salt rooms are popping up everywhere. Clients flock to the salt rooms that are covered with Himalayan salt crystals, looking for relief from the symptoms that are troubling them. This type of treatment is called Halotherapy. In Greek, “Halo” means salt, and by adding therapy the complete word suggests that it provides healing with the use of salt. While lowering stress, it boosts the immune systems and relieves symptoms of various ailments.

While in the rooms, machines known as halogenerators disperse a dry salt aerosol that is made by crushing the grains of salt. The dry salt aerosol circulates around the room, and the client simply sits down, gets comfortable, and relaxes.  Soft spa type music or deep breathing audio is sometimes played in the rooms as a way to soothe those who are taking part in the therapy session. Headphones are another option, as not everyone chooses to listen to the same audio.

Salt therapy began back in the 1800’s when a Polish doctor reflected on his patients and noticed that those that worked in the salt mines had fewer respiratory ailments than those in other professions. Over the years, others began to take notice, and salt therapy started gaining popularity. People with Tuberculosis even moved closer to the mines in an attempt to treat their symptoms.

Of course, saline drops are used for younger children when they have trouble breathing as a way to clear the airways for easier breathing. If you have a mouth infection, the doctors advise you to rinse with salt water. Without us even realizing it, salt has been healing us for countless amounts of years. With regular visits to a salt room, it can get even better!

Wellness centers have caught on to this great form of therapy and have started incorporating salt rooms, salt beds, and other mechanisms available to ensure that their clients can relish in the benefits offered by salt therapy, and they have not been disappointed with the turnout of new clients!