Room With Custom Designed Salt Panel Decor

State of the Art Salt Beds

Salt beds are the primary multifunctional dry salt unit available today. They are a great solution for those that long for privacy and deep relaxation, along with those looking to mitigate the effects of different ailments they are faced with.

The salt bed provides a quick and effective treatment method with a built in heating mechanism and colorful lighting. Most even have a sound system for those that would like a bit of noise in the background. For a more isolated experience, salt beds also have a divider that can separate the head from the body in order to trigger the body parts that need the most treatment- perfect for skin conditions.


Esagono, Italy

Having a salt bed is truly a smart business decision. It is easy to operate, low maintenance, and a lucrative business opportunity. For a small investment, you will get a large and quick return. It is simple and can be moved from place to place with no trouble. You will not need to modify your rooms or get contractors involved. It is a great addition to any spa, wellness center, or massage practice.

Salt beds feature state of the art halogenerators that offer modifiable and dependable programming and functionality. They can be set to suit any particular needs and desires. Only the purest salts are used, which makes it extra dry and provides a more efficient session. When the salt is put inside the halogenerator, it is crushed and then dispersed throughout the bed.

Dry salts themselves are anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and very absorbent. When incorporated into the salt bed, they help to detoxify both the skin and the lungs, reduce eczema and inflammation, creating younger looking skin, make a better sense of well-being, strengthen the immune system, balance the nervous system, and cleanse the respiratory system, while providing a deep sense of stress relief.

Salt beds are becoming more and more popular in the United States, and clients will come to your establishment based on the fact that you have incorporated the solution into your business. After their initial session, they will become repeat clients by booking their next appointments before they leave. The experience of salt therapy is intense, and those that take part will surely be back for more.

While there are many different ways to experience salt therapy, the salt bed is the most convenient and cost effective option to add to your business.