Salt Therapy Room

Seeking Salt

There has been a lot of talks lately about salt therapy and salt spas. They have been popular in Europe and the Middle East for a long time, but haven’t been that common or readily available in the United States.

Skin, Inc.Patrons take time out of their day to breathe in pure salt in the air, and health improves in many ways. It has been used to heal the symptoms of many different emotional and physical ailments that people find themselves seeking treatment for, and is a great alternative to “modern medicine.”

The most common fact about salt therapy is that improves respiratory issues like bronchitis, COPD, asthma, and other similar conditions by purifying the lungs. The levels of salt in our bodies reflect in everything from blood sugar all the way to the cellular activity. Mental function and stress levels are also positively affected by salt therapy, as guests are left with the stress-free feeling.

It works when the salt releases negative ions that assist in healing damaged cells in the body. The salt that is used is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. It is salt in its purest form and is great for the entire body. The respiratory system and the skin both receive a detox treatment and seem revitalized.

After all, people of all ages suffer from these respiratory and skin conditions. It is important to have a little something for everyone to enjoy.  All rooms have walls, floors, and even ceilings lined with the pure salts in order to achieve the greatest results possible from treatment. They are relaxing, and really help to give your body the release that it needs.

Not all spas have salt therapy as an option, so it is important to call ahead and see if it is offered before seeing treatment. If your business would benefit by having a salt bed or salt room installed at the location, contact the Salt Chamber and see your desired results come together in no time at all. No matter what space and budget you are working with, there is surely an option that will work for you. Your client will thank you after experiencing salt therapy in its purest form!