Salt Decor

Salted Selections

Salt rooms are designed to provide ultimate relaxation for those trying halotherapy. Halotherapy is an up and coming form of therapy in the United States, although it has been recognized in other countries for many years as a great form of natural healing for the body. The salt room are dimly lit, and a serene ambiance flows through the entire room. Salt covers the floors and envelopes the walls on all sides.

The walls are intended to look like actual cave walls, allowing for a more natural experience. Lounge chairs are strategically placed throughout the room, so you can be sure to be comfortable during your stay. Decor Gallery2Most appointments last between 45 minutes and an hour. Some clients become so relaxed that they actually fall asleep. The experience leaves the client refreshed, relaxed, and ready for their next appointment. While some results take time to see, others are felt immediately. That in itself is enough for most to continue with the salt therapy sessions.

People turn to salt therapy for different reasons. The three main reasons are below.

  • Skin Conditions: Some choose to use salt therapy as a way to detoxify their skin. It is effective in reducing the effects of eczema, psoriasis, and acne among other conditions. Those with either dry or oily skin will see the positive effects of the therapy sessions.
  • Respiratory Conditions: Those who choose salt therapy to relieve the symptoms of respiratory conditions are the most common. Because the pure salts help to clear the lungs and mitigate mucus, people that choose salt therapy are able to breathe easier. The effects of COPD, bronchitis, cold and flu, asthma, and other respiratory conditions are reduced.
  • Stress: Salt therapy is very relaxing, and many people turn to it so simply reduce their daily stress level. The calming atmosphere helps those who enter leave feeling renewed and with a better sense of well-being.

There are different forms of salt therapy. In addition to the salt room method of therapy mentioned above, there is also the salt bed. The salt bed is just as common and allows the client to lie down while breathing in the pure salts flowing up from below the booth. It is just as effective as the cave and is a little more appealing for those on the go. Times in the booth vary, and different options are available.

Adding a salt room or bed to your business will surely delight your clients, and make your establishment more popular in your area.