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Salt Therapy Now Vibrates with Sound Therapy

BOCA RATON, FL: September 2017 — As the Salt Therapy industry, and in particular halotherapy (dry salt therapy), continues to grow, a number of facilities and spas are expanding their services offered in a salt room/cave. Typically, salt rooms have been designed as relaxation and ‘unplug’ rooms where you can sit in comfortable chairs and just relax and breathe in the beneficial salt air.

Today there are a number facilities across the country offering salted yoga, salted massages, mindfulness and guided meditation and many are providing sound and vibrational therapies using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

SALT Chamber is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Eastern Vibration with Christine and Jamal Hayes in developing specific rituals and protocols to include Tibetan bowl and sound therapy that can be provided in a salt room.

19399367 1544641502275392 8763703912514662473 N“A salt room is an excellent environment, especially those that have Himalayan salt décor which also emits certain vibrational frequencies as a natural element found in nature, to support guests to experience and synchronize their breath work along with the healing sounds of Tibetan bowl and other unique sound instruments”, says Leo Tonkin, CEO of SALT Chamber.

Tibetan bowls come in various sizes and have a range of sounds and vibrational frequencies that soothe the mind and soul. “We are excited to partner with SALT Chamber and together we look forward to creating unique experiences by combining sound and salt therapy as they both carry vibrational properties. Incorporating our Himalayan Singing Bowls and our unique and signature rituals with SALT Chamber’s Salt Rooms and Salt Therapy Concepts makes for a great partnership” says Christine Hays.
“The SALT Chamber team are truly the pioneers, experts and leaders in the salt therapy industry and hence Eastern Vibration and SALT Chamber will craft a mindfulness and wellness experience with this partnership”.

SALT Chamber and Eastern Vibration will be offering webinars, classes and training to provide salt therapy facilities and other professionals such as massage therapists and other spa service providers to provide this growing wellness modality.