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Salt Therapy: In Demand & Profitable

The Respiratory Service Your Spa Needs Now!

As COVID-19 continues to persist, we’re sure you’ve been asking yourself the following question:

How will I bring back existing clients, as well as attract new customers?

The answer is Salt Therapy.

Now is the time to look at the types of treatments you offer and reinvent how your business may need to adapt and change to prepare for a world more concerned with their respiratory health and hygiene than ever before.

Even as the pandemic eases, respiratory issues will continue to affect millions and rob them of their health and happiness. Salt therapy will be in high demand. The fastest-growing service in the spa industry, salt therapy can aid in:

  • Cleansing the Respiratory System
  • Improving Lung Function
  • Boosting the Immune System

New practices and protocols are being established to ensure consumer trust, confidence, and safety, as well as for the well-being of all staff members.

Everything from sanitizationdisinfection, and clean air therapy to establishing new ways of scheduling servicestypes of treatments and physical distancing is being implemented.

Now more than ever, the spa and wellness industry is adding dry salt therapy for several reasons:

  • An enhanced multisensory wellness experience
  • Provides a “touch-free”, labor-free, low consumable therapy service
  • Integrates with additional treatments and protocols
  • Accelerated ROI
  • Easily convert an under-utilized, low-capacity treatment room, couples’ room or Vichy room into a Salt Room
  • Simply install a SALT Booth® for an individualized, personal treatment

With the importance of respiratory health and hygiene at an all-time high, businesses just like yours are adding salt therapy…now it’s your turn!

Contact us to learn about how easy it is to add a SALT Booth® to an empty space or convert an underutilized room into a Salt Room.