Salt Therapy For Performance Endurance Recovery, Nexgen Fitness Center Salt Room

Salt Therapy for Athletic Performance, Endurance and Recovery

The importance of wellness and recovery has continued to gain more awareness, particularly during the pandemic.

As part of overall wellness, never before have people been focused on their respiratory health. Athletes are now turning to salt therapy to gain an edge over the competition and achieve their best sports performance.

The way we breathe (nose vs. mouth), how we breathe, and what we breathe all make a significant difference in our well-being and our physical performance. And as many clubs are getting into more self-care, touchless modalities, you are seeing more and more facilities getting salted not with just sweat but with dry salt therapy (aka halotherapy).

By simply breathing in dry salt aerosol, inflammation is reduced in the lungs so more oxygen can flow and turn into red blood cells. Dry salt also absorbs the mucous and other foreign substances that we breathe in every day, and salt is antibacterial.

Airflow obstruction and airway inflammation are two respiratory conditions that can cause poor breathing patterns that affect performance and ultimately lead to:

  • Increased dehydration
  • Reduced stamina and performance
  • Increased likelihood of cramps or injury
  • Elevated heart rate

Above-ground salt rooms have emerged over the past 9 years with over 1,500 salt providers in the United States according to the Salt Therapy Association.

Salt rooms and SALT Booths® have been appearing in resort and destination spas, med spas, country clubs, yoga centers, and now dozens of health clubs around the country.

Salt therapy has such a wide bandwidth of providing health and wellness benefits from the very young to aging seniors and everyone in between.

Many people are getting salted regularly much like your average fitness club- goer and yoga enthusiast. Maintaining a healthy respiratory and lung system impacts so many aspects of our life – stress, sleep, performance, and recovery.

To learn more about how to add a new profit center at your facility for your athletes, download SALT Chamber’s Fitness Catalog by clicking here.

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