Himalayan Salt Rocks

Salt Therapy and its Many Forms

Salt therapy rejuvenates and revitalizes the body, without the use of prescription medications or mind altering drugs. For centuries, it has been used for its healing properties. Ever since people began to notice that those who worked in the salt mines suffered from less respiratory ailments, it has been the go to in other countries.

Salt Therapy RoomIt’s natural healing effects leave the client feeling stress free with a better sense of well-being. This alone is a great reason to try it. But there are many other health benefits as well. 

Those that suffer from the effects of psoriasis, acne, eczema, flu, allergies, COPD, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions will see their symptoms improve over time after utilizing salt therapy. Of course, due to the variances in the severity of the conditions and the overall health of an individual, the time it takes to see results may vary. For some, it may take a few days, and for others, it could be a few months. It is important to keep up with a salt therapy regimen even after feeling the effects, as they could begin to come back after stopping the therapy sessions. The feeling of weight being lifted off your shoulders and stress leaving the body is immediate, while everything else takes a bit of time to work.

Salt therapy is available in many different forms and may vary depending on the establishment that you visit for your session.

  • Salt cabins are small rooms that are mobile and allow the client to walk right inside to experience the session.
  • Salt cocoons allow the client to sit in a pod while inhaling the salts.
  • Salt rooms are created in an establishment with the space available for more client availability.
  • Salt booths allow the user to lie down and experience the session.

These are just some of the many choices that those looking to incorporate salt therapy into their facilities have, and most everything is customizable based on needs and space available.

Salt therapy is very versatile in that there is almost always a way to incorporate it into your life, your home, or your establishment. Sessions are typically less than an hour, and you get the same effect as spending a whole day on the beach. For those with hectic lifestyle with little time for themselves- this is ideal! Not only will it help to relieve stress, but will also detoxify and build a healthier you!