Salt Room At Home

What You Need to Know About Having a Salt Room at Home

SALT Chamber is happy to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2022 and continue to remain the pioneers, leaders, and innovators of the salt therapy industry. Salt therapy has been used for hundreds of years, though it has only taken off in the United States in the last decade. In the past, people had to travel to salt caves in Europe to receive the benefits of salt therapy. Modern technology has advanced, however, and SALT Chamber now makes it easier and more affordable than ever to bring the respiratory, skin care, and mental wellness benefits of salt therapy home via a salt room at home.

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is a treatment that involves inhaling 99.99% pure grade sodium chloride (salt) that is ground, crushed, and dispersed by a machine called a halogenerator. Halogenerators break down the pure grade sodium chloride into micron-sized particles, and SALT Chamber SALT FX® halogenerators produce the smallest micron-sized particles, which allows them to get deeper into the respiratory system.

Salt particles act as a bronchodilator, helping improve lung function and making breathing easier. Particles in the air that are not inhaled land on the skin, which help address skin conditions. 

What’s important to note is that the halogenerator is the machine that makes salt therapy effective. Without a halogenerator, there is no halotherapy. If you’re considering installing a salt room in your home, the first step will be to buy this device.

Who Should Try Salt Therapy At Home?

Halotherapy works by clearing unwanted pathogens from your airways and is safe. Anyone with active respiratory conditions or breathing difficulties can benefit from regular salt therapy. Additionally, people with certain skin conditions (i.e. rosacea, eczema, dermatitis) have experienced relief following salt therapy treatment. Salt therapy can safely benefit children, adults, seniors, and even animals such as dogs, cats, and horses.

Salt Room At Home

Benefits of Having A Salt Room At Home

You don’t have to be a billionaire or millionaire to add salt therapy to your home. Here are some smart, practical reasons to think about adding a dry salt therapy room to your home:

Because it can help treat everything from respiratory issues to skincare concerns, everyone in your family can benefit from dry salt therapy. Conflicting family schedules can make finding time for an appointment at a dry salt therapy facility difficult. Having dry salt therapy available at your home eliminates that problem.

Being at home will allow you to avoid contact with public spaces if you have an increased sensitivity to germs.

Privacy and comfort; especially when halotherapy is used in the treatment of skin diseases.

By choosing the furniture, light, sound systems, and decorations, you’ll be able to create and design your own personal, positive environment.

Your salt room will not only be a place for treatment, but a space for relaxation, entertaining, games, playtime, and fun.

Installing a salt room in your home can be a more convenient and cost-effective way to treat your breathing problems or skin conditions. Enjoy all the normal benefits of halotherapy without ever having to leave your house.

The Ambiance is Important in A Salt Room At Home

To get the full health and relaxation benefits of a salt room in your home, you’ll want to create a spa-like ambiance.

Choose Your Flooring and Wall Options

Having a salt room at home allows you to customize your space completely, starting with the floor and wall coverings. While the material you choose won’t necessarily add to the physical health benefits of your salt room, it can improve the overall ambiance. 

In many spa facilities, they cover the floor of the salt room with a thick layer of loose salt similar to beach sand. Although this is for aesthetics, it’s becoming more popular in at-home salt rooms. Other relatively popular flooring options include salt bricks, paving stones, tile, or wood.

Depending on the size of your salt room (and the size of your budget) your wall options may be more limited than what you could find in a commercial setting. Perhaps the most visually stunning way to cover your walls is with Himalayan salt bricks that are backlit for additional ambiance. Using salt tiles is one way to create the look of bricks without the price tag.

Check out the salt panel and salt brick options that SALT Chamber offers.

Illuminate Your Space with Light and Sound

If you want to get the most out of your salt room, it will require more than just purchasing a halogenerator. When creating a healing environment, what you see and hear can either add or detract from the space.

Natural light can work, but too much can make the space too bright. If you plan to use your salt room at night, it may not be possible to rely solely on natural lighting. Think about incorporating soft, warm lighting, such as Himalayan salt lamps or backlit salt blocks placed on your walls.

Remember, Himalayan salt lamps have no respiratory health benefits and are for decor only.

A great perk of having a salt room at home is that you get to choose what you want to listen to during treatment. Whether it’s classical, meditative bells, or heavy metal, play the music or audio that contributes the most to your space of healing and relaxation. Remember that salt particles and electronics don’t go well together, so protect your phone or music player accordingly.

Get Comfortable and Accessorize

How you plan to use your salt room at home will determine how you want to decorate or accessorize the space. Salt therapy treatments can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, so you’ll want to be comfortable during that time. 

Salt beds, zero-gravity chairs, small stools, or Adirondack chairs can all contribute to the serene setting in your salt room. Choosing any of these options allows you to comfortably relax during your session.

When families design salt rooms for children, they will include small chairs and perhaps a table with toys and creative activities. Salt meditation rooms are typically decorated minimally, but some opt to include a Tibetan singing bowl, a yoga mat, or meditation cushions.

Salt lamps, salt rocks, blankets, or throw pillows might be found in commercial salt rooms, but in your at-home salt room, it might be best to keep it minimal and uncluttered. Decorate your space with things that add to the healing space and enhance your comfort.

The SALT FX® home Halogenerator Option

Are you interested in bringing salt therapy home but don’t have an extra room or the money needed to design a room? Well, the SALT FX® home halogenerator is a great option, and the most convenient and affordable way to breathe easier. The SALT FX® home halogenerator allows you to transform any small space such as an office, bedroom, closet, bathroom, sauna cabin, or even a portable Pop-Up SALT Booth® into an effective salt therapy room.

For more information, and to order our SALT FX® home halogenerator: please click here.

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Build A Salt Room At Home

Think you’re ready to install a salt room in your home? It’s best to enlist the help of a professional like SALT Chamber. SALT Chamber is the industry leader in salt therapy products, equipment, and decor. 

If you’re interested in installing your own at-home salt therapy room, contact us today for a risk-free, custom quote.