Salt Rejuvenation

There is something about the ocean that relaxes the body and gives us the feeling that all is right in the world. Maybe it is the vastness of the ocean, the solitude on the water, or the salty air. Of these three choices, two are available in a salt room, along with additional benefits for the body.


Esagono, Italy

Visiting a salt room is the first step into the great world of halotherapy, which is a therapy that utilizes pure salts to relieve the symptoms of respiratory ailments and skin conditions, along with destressing the body and promoting the sought after sense of well-being.  Inflammation, achy joints, skin imperfections, digestion issues, anxiety, lethargy, and insomnia will all be a thing of the past after a few salt room sessions.

The mitigation of symptoms and the sense of well-being stem from exposure to the negatively charged salt ions that are released by the walls, floors, and the halogenerator. A typical stay in the salt room is between forty-five minutes and an hour at any facility that offers salt room sessions.

Clients become enchanted with the effects of being in the salt room, as well as the beauty of it. Clients remain clothed in the rooms but remove their shoes. Electronics are turned off and they relax in zero gravity lounge chairs while hearing calming music in the background. Dim strategically placed lights add to the ambiance of the room, and many fall asleep during their sessions due to the intense calming effects. For most that take part in the sessions, there are multiple different experiences. The respiratory system becomes less congested, breathing becomes easier, aches me cease, and skin feels refreshed and healthier. Burdens feel alleviated, and the weight on their shoulders becomes more bearable. After a session in the salt room, it is like they have spent three days at the beach! Of course, salt does not heal or cure any diseases, but the symptoms can seem to go away after a few visits to the room, depending on the condition.

In addition to salt rooms, salt beds are also available to have at home or a spa establishment as an alternate form of salt therapy.  The bed is similar to a typical tanning booth, without the rays. It is an intense version of detoxification with the use of salt, which has a skin calming effect on the body. Clients lay in the bed (wearing a swimsuit) and the salts are sprayed along them for about twenty minutes.

With either choice, clients leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue on with their day.