Salt Exposure

Salt Exposure

Being near the ocean and breathing in the fresh ocean air has the curing properties, the most effective being a huge stress reliever. For people that suffer from chronic illnesses, it can mean much more. For example, for those that struggle with the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, a day at the beach can lead to improved breathing and respiratory functions. For those with eczema, relief from the dry itchy skin is achieved.

OceanOf course, there are benefits from salt exposure for those on land as well. Many years ago, studies showed that those that worked in the salt mines suffered from many less respiratory ailments than those that had other occupations. They were healthier than the average person during the time, and because of this, salt cave treatments began becoming a popular form of relief.

Now, salt rooms are designed to replicate the environments that the early adopters of salt therapy would take part in. The salt rooms are becoming more widespread nationally, and their popularity hasn’t even hit its peak yet! For those looking to experience the healing effects of salt therapy, this is great news. Now, they won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to experience the treatment.

During a salt therapy session, pharmaceutical grade salts are emitted into the air in a special room designed for salt therapy sessions. It is used to treat all types of respiratory ailments, from bronchitis to COPD. It is also beneficial for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or acne.

Those that choose to take part in these therapy sessions are not disappointed.  They begin to go regularly, for about 45 minutes each time, and each time they leave feeling better and better.

Electronic devices are frowned upon because they take away from the meditative properties in the room. The ambient lighting and scent of salt make for a very relaxing experience, and some find that they fall asleep during the sessions. It works just as well, as you are still breathing in the pure salts.

It is important to continue to go to salt therapy sessions regularly in order not to regress back to your starting point. Clients who go to salt therapy sessions on a regular basis experience better results than those who get their desired results and discontinue treatment. If clients are traveling, they can look for salt rooms that are available in their destination cities in order to maintain treatment while away. Wellness centers everywhere are benefiting by offering this service, and clients are benefiting from the results!