Salt Cocoons Spa

Salt Cocoons Make Repeat Clients

Since salt therapy has become more common there has been an increase in the various ways to incorporate it into the lives of patients. There are salt beds, salt rooms, and salt cocoons that make taking part in salt therapy a painless and beneficial process. We will be looking at the salt cocoon.

Salt Cocoon OpenSalt cocoons are a great way to achieve results with salt therapy, without having a huge footprint in your establishment. The cocoon works well for those with smaller facilities and is very easy to operate. In a cocoon, you have very close contact with the salt aerosol, making it a more invigorating therapy experience. The salt comes from behind the patients’ neck or where their feet are resting. It fits a mother and child comfortably, and both can benefit from the effects at the same time.

Clients will feel instantly invigorated and have a stress free attitude after their appointment, as a calming sense of well-being sweeps over them. With recurring appointments, they will see their skin improve, and the respiratory tract will be functioning better. Salt therapy is a great way to reduce the effects of many ailments that people encounter throughout their lives.

By utilizing the salt cocoon, clients that have skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne will have weakened effects of their conditions.  For those who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, allergies, cold, flu, and many others, salt therapy helps to reduce the effects of the symptoms. It is truly a great way to start feeling better, without the use of prescription drugs. For those already taking prescription drugs, salt therapy can be used in combination. Even spending minimal amounts of time in the salt cocoon, clients will start feeling the effects. They may even book their next appointment before they leave!

For thousands of years, people have been utilizing salt therapy without even realizing it. In European countries, people used to visit the salt caves for relief. In the United States, people have flocked to the beaches when they are looking for relief from common symptoms and the stresses of daily life. Salt seems to provide the escape that everyone has been looking for, whether it be a physical ailment or a general emotional feeling. Incorporating a salt cocoon will keep clients coming back, as they will surely be drawn to the results that they get from their sessions!