Equine Salt Therapy For Equine Asthma

SALT Chamber Brings Salt Therapy to World Equestrian Center and Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

Leader in equine salt therapy equips largest U.S. equestrian complex and official veterinarian provider for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association with equine salt rooms.

SALT Chamber, the pioneer and industry leader in dry salt therapy products, equipment, concepts, and experiences, has partnered with the World Equestrian Center (WEC) in Ocala, Florida, and Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky to bring equine salt rooms to their respective facilities.

“We are thrilled to partner with these two iconic facilities. Working with the largest equestrian complex in the United States and the official veterinary service provider of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association is further proof of dry salt therapy as a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free therapy that improves inflammatory airway disease and skin issues, to naturally enhance performance,” says Leo Tonkin, CEO of SALT Chamber.

Dry salt therapy has been shown to impact lung volume and function, accelerate recovery, enhance performance, and improves the quality of life of the animal. Veterinarians and horse trainers that have incorporated dry salt therapy sessions into their horses’ training programs claim benefits such as a dedicated decongestant, lower airway disease (LAD) treatment, reduces travel sickness, treats mud fever, and rapid skin rash clearance, as well as lower vet bills and faster race times. Dry salt therapy is drug-free and completely compliant with competition rules and regulations in racing and all equine performance disciplines.

A Horse In A Salt Room Next To A Halogenerator For A Salt Therapy Session To Combat Equine Asthma.

WEC and Hagyard are equipped with SALT FX® Pro halogenerators in a temperature-controlled environment. Equine salt therapy involves the inhalation of 99.99% pure grade sodium chloride, which acts as an effective decongestant to clear mucus from the respiratory system. The treatment helps to improve the efficiency of a horse’s breathing, which can lead to improved cardiovascular performance.

“Dry salt therapy is the best natural performance enhancer we have ever seen, and we have tried hundreds of health and wellness modalities,” says Angie and Michael Scully, owners of Eclipse Equine Sports Therapy Center, the most comprehensive equine sports medicine center in the United States. “We have seen increased lung capacity after just one treatment.”

To learn more about equine salt therapy and adding it to your facility, contact us today: www.SaltChamberInc.com.