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Salt Chamber Saks Fifth Avenue Wellery Opening

BOCA RATON, FL May 22, 2017 — On May 11th, Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store in New York City opened the doors to its new 2nd floor renovation, The Wellery. This innovative concept is where fitness meets fashion, and encourages customers to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. There are 22 style and wellness vendors within The Wellery, including a BREATHE Salt Room in partnership with SALT Chamber.

The BREATHE Salt Room will provide shoppers with a one-of-a-kind spa experience, and allow them to enjoy the benefits of Dry Salt Therapy. BREATHE is known for their salt rooms across New York City and Westchester, and brought this concept into The Wellery. The Saks Fifth Avenue location includes four SALT Chamber SALT Booth® Spas and a Multi SALT Booth®.  Saks Fifth Ave 01Each SALT Booth® is equipped with a special device, SALT FX® halogenerator that grinds and crushes heated pure-grade sodium chloride (salt) into micronized particles. SALT Chamber also launched the Get Salted™ line of all-natural, 100% Himalayan salt products that are handcrafted for spa, beauty, and home.

“Partnering with BREATHE Salt Rooms in bringing Dry Salt Therapy to the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in their new Wellery is a tremendous opportunity to provide Halotherapy benefits to hundreds of people on a daily basis and raising awareness for the Salt Therapy industry as a whole. Saks Fifth Avenue is truly forward thinking in driving this wellness movement to mainstream America”, says Leo Tonkin, Founder and CEO of SALT Chamber, LLC.

This partnership between SALT Chamber, BREATHE Salt Rooms, and Saks not only enhances the consumer shopping experience, but increases the awareness of the health benefits of Salt Therapy. The Salt Therapy Association (STA) states that, “more recent and current clinical studies have been published showing the efficacy of Dry Salt Therapy and its application to various conditions.” By working with the STA and equipping the BREATHE Salt Room in Saks, SALT Chamber hopes to bring and expand the Salt Therapy industry to the mainstream marketplace.

ABOUT SALT CHAMBER: Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, SALT Chamber is the industry leader for educating, consulting, manufacturing, marketing, training and distributing the most innovative and advanced Salt Therapy products and services around the globe. With decades of combined experience in both the Salt Therapy and Spa industries, SALT Chamber manufactures and distributes halotherapy equipment, Himalayan salt décor, offers turnkey solution services, and has over 280 installations to date. For more information visit

ABOUT GET SALTED™: The Get Salted™ product line is handcrafted from pure, 100% Himalayan crystal salt that is hand mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Himalayan salt crystals contain up to 84 trace minerals and elements that help replenish and rejuvenate the skin. The Get Salted™ retail line consists of 100% Himalayan salt combined with 100% pure Essential Oils, and products range from Himalayan bath bombs, soap bars, bath salts and body bars. For more information visit


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