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SALT Chamber Introduces The SALTainer™ – Salt Therapy in a Box!

SALT Chamber transforms shipping containers into transportable and permanent salt therapy concepts –

Boca Raton, FL – In 2012, SALT Chamber introduced its trademarked SALT Booth® and SALT Bed® to the spa and wellness community. Since then, they have developed innovative salt therapy rooms and caves along with revolutionizing the use of Himalayan salt as a decor element in over 1,000 projects around the world – from urban day spas and resort/destination spas to wellness facilities and med spas, as well as for personal home use.

Today, SALT Chamber introduces the SALTainer™—transforming shipping containers into transportable and permanent salt therapy concepts. SALT Chamber has worked with leading engineers, architects, and designers to develop controlled environments to provide sensory wellness experiences for effective salt therapy known as halotherapy.

According to the Salt Therapy Association (STA), halotherapy (halo is Greek for salt) is an evidence-based therapeutic treatment that evolved from the salt mines and chambers throughout Eastern Europe.

Pure grade sodium chloride is ground into micron-sized salt particles by a device called a halogenerator that then disperses the dry salt aerosol into the salt room chamber. There are numerous published medical and pilot studies along with clinical research that show how dry salt therapy provides symptom relief and benefits for overall wellness and especially for various respiratory, lung, and skin conditions.

Shipping containers have been used by renowned architects in developing homes, offices, and even portable emergency medical centers, and now, SALT Chamber has developed them into salt therapy rooms. Equipped with their trademarked SALT FX® halogenerators, these shipping containers are environmentally controlled with purified temperature conditioned air that is designed to be a uniquely relaxing and sensory-rich atmosphere, often including the use of Himalayan salt décor.

The first SALT Chamber project is currently being built in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, called the SALT BOX, and will soon be complete to provide salt therapy to their community. Owner and business entrepreneur Rob Taylor previously worked with shipping containers as office spaces and his journey to provide salt therapy was sparked by his 9-year-old daughter’s respiratory conditions.

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“Over the years, it has resulted in many hospital visits, sometimes by ambulance and lots of overnight stays. We’ve been managing her symptoms with inhalers and steroid treatment but with repeated attacks and no improvement, we decided to do our own research and look for other alternative ways to help her. This is when we came across salt therapy and after a few sessions, we noticed a huge difference. That’s when we decided to do SALT BOX.”

Rob added, “I wanted to make sure I was doing this the right way and when researching a partner, I contacted the experts in the salt therapy business and began working with the SALT Chamber team in designing and engineering SALT BOX.”

“This was a unique opportunity to continue our vision of providing innovative salt therapy concepts to communities,” said Leo Tonkin, CEO and Founder of SALT Chamber. “SALT Chamber has been working on developing other transportable ways to offer salt therapy, especially during the COVID pandemic, and the SALTainer™ concept was born.

SALT Chamber has designed several models for the SALTainer™ including smaller containers that can easily be transported and installed in remote locations as well as in permanent locations. From shopping mall parking lots and hospitals to athletic training facilities to outdoor environments including horse stables for equine salt therapy, SALT Chamber has an affordable solution to provide salt therapy virtually anywhere.”

To learn more about the SALTainer™ and SALT Chamber, please visit:


Founded in 2012, SALT Chamber has quickly become the world’s leading authority for educating, consulting, marketing, training, and distributing the best salt therapy products and services around the world. SALT Chamber designs, builds, and installs unique salt therapy experiences that are easy to use and affordable. SALT Chamber also provides turnkey solutions for new business ventures, as well as add-ons to existing businesses for seasoned wellness and spa professionals.

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