The True Benefit of Pink Himalayan Salt

There seems to be confusion in the spa and wellness industry about the difference between dry salt therapy/halotherapy and Himalayan salt products and Himalayan spa equipment.

Both SALT Chamber and the Salt Therapy Association (STA) have addressed the “myth information” about claims that salt facilities, salt vendors, salt builders, and salt equipment providers are making about the benefits of having pink Himalayan salt and/or utilizing Himalayan salt in their facilities such as Himalayan salt lamps, Himalayan salt wall décor, Himalayan salt stone massage kits, Himalayan salt beds and other spa equipment and products.

These claims range from stating that negatives ions are being released from heating Himalayan salt, acting as air purifiers, cleaning the air for respiratory benefits, and other so-called wellness benefits.

The STA published a detailed article and blog about the evidence surrounding this issue and provided specific information regarding the science, research, and testimony from chemists, physicists, and researchers that completely refute any of the claims that are being made:

Health Benefit Claims of Pink Himalayan Salt

Since the salt therapy industry has not been regulated, there was an open market for those introducing products like Himalayan salt lamps and making various claims, and many followed suit by making the same marketing claims about the benefits of these products without validating the evidence behind these claims.

As the wellness industry continued to grow, the evidence-based modalities and the STA’s three principal pillars on Education, Research, and Innovation began to pursue their role to research these claims and thus took action to inform the industry and its members as noted above. Some of these companies stopped making these claims while others have continued to do so.

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However, there still seems to be some confusion about dry salt therapy/halotherapy and pink Himalayan salt. The efficacy of halotherapy is solely dependent on the equipment that provides and delivers the dry salt aerosol of pure grade sodium chloride into a salt room, chamber, or cave known as a halogenerator.

Many of these salt rooms have Himalayan salt as décor and architectural elements, however, there is no benefit as to the efficacy of the Himalayan salt, even when heated, in terms of providing negative ions, respiratory aid, or other benefits. The efficacy of halotherapy is derived from inhaling micronized salt particles and having these particles penetrate the skin.

Thus, the Himalayan salt is merely a décor and architectural feature with regards to salt therapy.

SALT Chamber is an innovator in the salt decor design process and started using Himalayan salt, not only for its unique beneficial qualities but for its amazing natural colors, hues, and creative applications.

As salt therapy began emerging as a growing trend amongst spas and wellness centers, other applications for using our pink Himalayan salt décor began to expand to other uses such as wall treatments and flooring in various environments and spaces.

The SALT Chamber design and installation team have worked on over 1,100 salt therapy room projects across North America and around the world. Ask us about our shop drawings and full installation kit, and watch our webinar on Himalayan Salt Décor, Products & Spa Equipment.

SALT Chamber has developed and perfected a proprietary method for manufacturing prefabricated Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Panels to be used in any salt decor project.

Our standard size panels are 22” x 22” (almost 4 sq. ft.) and are hand-crafted and molded from pure Himalayan salt – they’re durable, safe, and healthy.

Our Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles are not your typical salt bricks. There are a variety of sizes ranging from 4” x 4” bricks to as large as 10” x 16” and everything in between.

The Himalayan salt bricks are available in pink/amber color variations, as well as the rare Himalayan white.

We have proprietary design methods for installing these bricks that eliminate the need for mortar or permanent construction.  We also have developed systems to eliminate shadowing effects and hot spots from backlighting.

For more information on the benefits of pink Himalayan salt and your salt décor options, contact us.