The True Benefit of Pink Himalayan Salt

There seems to be confusion in the spa and wellness industry about the difference between dry salt therapy/halotherapy and Himalayan salt products and Himalayan spa equipment. Both SALT Chamber and the Salt Therapy Association (STA) have addressed the “myth information” about claims that salt facilities, salt vendors, salt builders, and salt equipment providers are making [...]

Salt Therapy for Horses – Treat Respiratory and Skin Conditions

Horse racing season is here, and SALT Chamber’s innovative SALTainer™, which transforms shipping containers into transportable and permanent salt therapy concepts, is getting rave reviews from trainers and owners at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California. Angie Scully, co-owner of Eclipse Equine Sports Therapy Center, who partnered with SALT Chamber to bring salt therapy to Santa [...]
Salt therapy business spa lounge

Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Salt Therapy Business

How has the pandemic impacted our industry and what lies ahead? Getting into the Salt Therapy Business Timing is critical for so many aspects of our lives.  Sometimes it's great and other times (like most of 2020) it's not. When it comes to getting into the salt therapy business, however, the timing has never been [...]

Why Spas Are Adding Salt Therapy in 2021

Since 2012, SALT Chamber has been the preeminent innovator and leader in the rise in popularity of salt therapy (halotherapy) in the spa and wellness industry.With the importance of respiratory health, self-care, and personal wellness at an all-time high, facilities just like yours are adding salt it's your turn! Salt Therapy is a Touchless Therapy Touchless therapies are all the [...]

Will Salt Therapy Affect Super Bowl 55?

Possibly, but at least one member of the San Francisco 49ers believes it affected Super Bowl 54. During “The Benefits of Salt Therapy for Athletes” Panel Discussion at the 2020 Salt Therapy Association Virtual Conference – STAcon 2020 – SALT Chamber client Shoshana Treichel, owner of Above and Beyond Yoga and Salt Therapy in Mobile, Alabama, [...]

Spas Adding “Touchless” Salt Therapy To Massage Their Bottom Line

According to Mindbody's COVID Edition: 2021 Wellness Trend Predictions, 59 percent of Americans say they're not interested in high-touch services, while 31 percent say they're willing to try a new “no-touch treatment” to relax during the pandemic. Due to new norms and regulations, facilities must: Update and Refine their Existing Spa Menu Reduce Treatments that [...]

SALT Chamber Brings Equine Salt Therapy to Santa Anita Park

- SALTainer™ will help horses combat respiratory and skin conditions to enhance performance- Boca Raton, FL – SALT Chamber, the pioneer in providing halotherapy access to horses (equine salt therapy) and pets, has partnered with Eclipse Equine Sports Therapy Center to bring salt therapy to Santa Anita Park by designing and building a SALTainer™, which [...]

SALT Chamber Introduces SALT FX® home Halogenerator

- The most convenient and affordable way to take control of your respiratory and lung health in the safety and comfort of your home - Boca Raton, FL – SALT Chamber, the industry leader in professional-grade salt therapy equipment, products, and décor, is proud to introduce the revolutionary SALT FX® home halogenerator, the most convenient [...]

SALT Chamber Introduces The SALTainer™ – Salt Therapy in a Box!

- SALT Chamber transforms shipping containers into transportable and permanent salt therapy concepts - Boca Raton, FL – In 2012, SALT Chamber introduced its trademarked SALT Booth® and SALT Bed® to the spa and wellness community. Since then, they have developed innovative salt therapy rooms and caves along with revolutionizing the use of Himalayan salt [...]