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Not All Halogenerators Are Equal

The halogenerator is the heart, brains and soul to providing effective dry salt therapy (halotherapy). It is the most important and critical piece of equipment necessary for having a salt room. All of the health benefits of halotherapy are provided only if there is a halogenerator as part of the salt room.

There are some facilities across the country that have beautiful Himalayan salt caves and salt rooms and some actually claim health benefits, however, they do not have a halogenerator and without a halogenerator you do not have halotherapy. Some facilities have backlighted Himalayan salt walls in a treatment room or a relaxation room or other type of room and claim health benefits, but these features are simply an architectural décor element.  You simply have a nice looking salt wall, room or cave but absolutely no health or wellness benefits of halotherapy are achieved.  In fact, it’s just the opposite…you can have a halogenerator and no salt décor in the room and have effective halotherapy and wellness benefits.

A halogenerator is a piece of equipment that ranges in size from about 18-24 inches tall and 7-12 inches wide and 7-10 inches deep and weighs about 14 to 22 pounds.  It is attached and mounted directly outside of one of the interior walls of the salt room about 4ft from the floor with a sleeve extending into the salt room.  It plugs into a standard 110v outlet and uses low wattage so no special electrical is required.  Pure grade sodium chloride is placed into the feeder of the halogenerator which then releases the salt into the grinder which then crushes and grinds the salt into micro-sized particles that are then dispersed into the salt room via the internal fan.

A halogenerator needs to be a very precise piece of equipment.  It needs to be able to consistently and reliably grind the sodium chloride to specific sized particles as well as be able to reliably distribute accurate salt concentration levels into the salt room. Given the corrosive nature of salt, the elements of a halogenerator needs to be manufactured from high quality materials and components.  A halogenerator should also be able to work and control air ventilation and HVAC systems specific for the salt room.  Other important factors include noise levels, ease of care and maintenance, warranty and service, programming and functionality.

There are no US manufactured halogenerators and the majority are produced in Europe (the birthplace of halotherapy). Currently there are no quality, safety or any other standards for halogenerators being manufactured.   However, the Salt Therapy Association and others are advocating for establishing standards and independent testing.  Halotherapy and the corresponding equipment is not governed by the FDA and like most other wellness modalities and equipment do not need to meet any requirements.  Most of the halogenerators are certified for safety with a CE designation since there are no requirements in the US.  Only recently one state is going to be requiring certain type of equipment to be UL certified (UL is an independent testing certification that ensures electrical standards are met, it has nothing to do with salt therapy efficacy or wellness benefits).


3 Year Warranty

SALT Chamber and SALT FX® Halogenerators

SALT FX® halogenerators are the only federal trademarked halogenerators and they are the only halogenerators that are manufactured in a medical device facility.  Due to the other equipment manufactured at the facility, specific quality standards and testing must be in compliance.  No other halogenerator manufactured meets these standards.

SALT FX® Halogenerators are the only halogenerators manufactured in a facility that meets the highest quality international standards achieving the prestigious ISO 9001, 14001, and 13485 certifications.

The SALT FX® Pro has recently received the electrical safety certification from UL.

SALT FX® are warrantied for 3 years.

SALT FX® are the quietest halogenerators on the market.

SALT FX® halogenerators are the only halogenerators that can provide over 95% of salt particles that are 5 micrometers and smaller with over 25% less than 2 micrometers (the smaller the salt particle the deeper it can penetrate the respiratory system for better results).

SALT FX® halogenerators are the only halogenerators that have Bluetooth technology allowing remote programming and operation via tablet computer through Windows operative system, or tablet computer/smartphone through Android operative system.

SALT FX® halogenerators are the only halogenerators that use industrial strength magnets for connecting the major components to provide simple and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

SALT FX® halogenerators come with care and maintenance kits that include special sized corrosive free wire brushes made specifically for the components of the halogenerators.

SALT FX® halogenerators are made with special polymer feeders and grinder components and industrial grade stainless steel grinder blades and housing.

SALT Chamber is the only company located in the US that has professionally trained technicians and electricians on staff at a dedicated facility that has stocked inventory of spare and extra parts, various components, testing and research and development.  No other halogenerator or salt therapy company has anything comparable.

SALT Chamber is the only company that has marketed, distributed and serviced halogenerators from various manufacturers, has history of repair logs and issues of these units therefore we know the intricacies of their design and operations allowing us to provide the best experience and expertise about halogenerators.