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More Than A Lamp

Consumer interest has peaked recently in salt therapy resulting in an increase in Himalayan salt lamp sales. The therapeutic value of owning one is great for adding positive ions to the house and cleaning the air. It is a soothing and relaxing tool that many people have turned to lately.


0113 Salt Chamber05Untreated, natural, salts are pure and packed with nutrients. Before pollution (millions of years ago), Himalayan sea salts were under the water. Now, these salts are found on the surface and are praised for their detoxification effects on the body. As the body absorbs the minerals from the salt, toxins are released by the skin.

As more and more people experience the positive effects of having even just a salt lamp in their homes, curiosity is peaked in other forms of salt therapy. They see the results and want them in a larger form. Luckily, there are many versions of salt therapy to choose from and indulge in.

Salt booths are available in many spas nationally, and they offer quick treatment for those that lead busy lives, but still, want to receive the positive effects that the therapy has to offer. Pure salts are infused into the air, allowing for the client to experience all of the great properties that a therapy session has to offer. Clients can go in for different amounts of time, depending on their schedules and specific needs.

Salt rooms are a relaxing way to experience salt therapy for those that have more time and want the ultimate relaxation experience. They are set up with lounge chairs and comfortable seating solutions. The floors, walls, and even sometimes the ceilings, are lined with pure salts that help to detoxify and relieve stresses from the body. Relaxing sounds are heard, and ambient lighting sets the stage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

While getting rid of the stress and replacing it with a sense of well-being, the salts also help to remedy respiratory and skin ailments. The symptoms of flu, cold, allergies, COPD, bronchitis, psoriasis, rhinitis, and many other conditions are treated at the same time. Salt therapy is a great form of treatment in addition to any current treatment plans offered by your medical professional or as a stand-alone treatment for everyday issues. No matter what the use, salt therapy is sure to impress the client in the long run, and will be used for many years to come.