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Migranes and Minerals

A migraine causes throbbing pain in the head and is usually in one particular area of the head. Nausea and light sensitivity usually follow. They can last for a few hours, or even a few days depending on the severity. If you suffer from migraines, you already know this.

HeadacheBut, for those that don’t experience them, there is no comparison. Most people that suffer from migraines get them frequently, and they hinder everyday life. Sufferers are unable to be in direct light, feel dizzy, and can’t function normally due to the pain they are feeling. Migraines can be caused by many different things, including food, drinks, changes in the environment, physical exertion, stress, and dehydration among other triggers.

There are many medications available at the local pharmacy, but they don’t work for everyone. The typical migraine sufferer tries almost all over the counter medications to no avail before turning to their physicians. Prescriptions are available to those with migraines, but most are not covered by insurance and are extremely expensive.


There isn’t one single trigger that causes a migraine, which makes it a bit hard to treat. Some studies that have been done have shown that migraines occur when there is inflammation of the blood vessels. If inflammation is a trigger for your migraines, salt therapy can help you.

Salt therapy boasts many benefits for your body that may assist in easing your migraines. Inflammation reductions, stress relief, tension relief, pathogen elimination, alkaline balance, electrolyte restoration, and a stronger immune system are just a few benefits to name! Salt therapy is a fantastic way to de-stress without using prescription or recreational drugs. If stress is a trigger for your migraines, incorporating salt therapy into your routine may help. It also introduces more magnesium into the body, which is found to be deficient when some are suffering from a migraine.

It is surely worth a try to stop feeling a sense of defeat when you feel a headache coming on. Migraines ruin plans, and even complete days at a time. A few minutes out of your day to experience salt therapy can result in days of stress-free, migraine free living. Salt therapy has been known to help with many conditions, and migraines are just one of them.

Take some time to look into salt therapy, and find facilities in the area in order to start your regimen. The sooner you are able to get an appointment, the closer you will be to relief!