Salt Pieces

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest solutions. This is definitely true when it comes to skin care, and it dates back to ancient times. It closes pores, balances the production of oils, and overall rejuvenates the skin.

SaltboothYou don’t need to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of miracle creams to achieve the results you desire. You just need salt!

Salt is one of the most common things available, and we choose to overlook it time and time again. This natural skin care solution comes directly from the earth. Typically, when you hear about salt, it is from the doctor who is advising you to cut back on it nutritionally. But, natural salts are vital to our health. They provide key minerals that keep us going strong, and looking good!

Himalayan salts are ideal when it comes to skin care, and people have been gathering it for over two thousand years. In western culture, it is a newer form of therapy and hasn’t been readily available until around the last decade or so. The Himalayan salts are 95 percent sodium chloride, making it one of the purest forms of salt available that your skin will love.

Experiencing these salts in a salt room will help condition your skin and help you to look your best. Over time, you will see improved result and be hooked on the benefits of these therapy sessions. Salt rooms and salt booths help to close open pores, soak up oils, reduce the appearance of scars, kill the bacteria that causes acne, heals scrapes and cuts, exfoliates the skin,  reduces inflammation, and restores natural pH. With all of these benefits, it really would be difficult to decline a session in the salt room at your nearest spa that has one readily available.

As a spa owner, offering this type of service is ideal as it is becoming more popular and more widely accepted in our area. People don’t want to travel hundreds of miles to experience the benefits of salt therapy, and they would be thrilled to have the opportunity closer to home. Some may even opt to have salt booth in their own home! Not all will have the resources to make that happen though, so having the spa down the street offer the same service will keep your appointment sessions booked! After one session, clients will feel instantly refreshed and ready to do it again!