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Journey to Wellness

Dry salt therapy is an effective drug-free version of therapy that is completely natural and provides relief for those suffering from many different ailments. It helps both adults and children that suffer from skin and respiratory issues that hinder them from living their lives to the fullest.

Booth Pop1Using dry salt therapy is a natural method to wellness, just like good eating habits and yoga. In just one visit, the client typically receives temporary relief from their symptoms and a sense of serenity. However, it is the repeated visits to the salt room that really have long lasting effects for the client to mitigate symptoms and promote overall wellness. It is completely natural, and safe for all ages. Even pregnant and elderly clients can enjoy its effects!

Some of the many conditions that clients have seen relief from are: acne, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds, COPD, cough, cystic fibrosis, dermatitis, ear infections, eczema, flu, headaches, psoriasis, rhinitis, sinus issues,  and stress along with others.

The unique halogenerators available for businesses to add to their establishments deliver a powerful performance and reliable results for every session. They produce an aerosol version of air mixed with the small salt particles that are dispersed throughout the salt room. The client just has to sit back, relax, and breathe to achieve desired results.

Salt rooms are the preferred way to experience salt therapy by most people. They enjoy the relaxation and tranquility of the treatment and leave feeling like a new person. The salt rooms are set up differently at every location, and the ambiance while always tranquil is a bit different from place to place depending on the business and their specific needs and requests.

While salt therapy is all natural, drug-free, and effective, it is usually best used as a complimentary treatment to what has been prescribed by a medical professional. It can increase the effectiveness of what has been prescribed or used alone when nothing has been prescribed as a form of treatment. Your medical professional is the one in charge of advising you on all matters related to your particular case and treatment, but salt therapy can help in addition to their determinations. Don’t replace your current treatment plans with salt therapy before speaking to your medical professional about your thoughts and plans regarding the switch. They will give you their honest opinion on what you should continue to take, or stop taking when starting a salt therapy regimen.