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Is Salt Therapy Safe for Children?

When you think of summer, you think of trips to the beach, long walks with a slight breeze, taking the children to different fun places, and various ways to beat the heat. What could alter your summer plans? How about your child’s allergies.  Children want to go outside and play with their friends and don’t want to be sneezing the day away while they are trying to enjoy themselves. As a parent, you don’t want this to happen either. It is supposed to be fun to be outside!

Salt therapy is safe for children and can offer a treatment option for this pesky problem. Salt therapy is a great way to help ease the symptoms of your child’s allergies. A halogenerator emits a salty aerosol of crushed and ground pure grade sodium chloride that helps clear the nasal passageways when inhaled. Allergy and respiratory symptoms lessen, and children leave there salt therapy session feeling better and ready to enjoy the day!

Many salt therapy facilities have been children’s salt rooms, so a child can use a room that is specifically designed for someone their age. They will be able to play with toys, read books, or simply just relax during a session. Typical sessions for allergy relief in children range from 25-45 minutes.

A private salt therapy session can be done in a Salt Booth®, which is a 4′ x 4′ salt therapy unit designed for individual use. A salt therapy session in a Salt Booth® can take as little as 10 minutes since there is less cubic airspace in a Salt Booth®, which means that the salt is more concentrated.

If your child is suffering from allergies during the summer, or during any other seasons during the year, salt therapy is a great choice to help relieve symptoms naturally. Don’t hesitate when it comes to looking into salt therapy and booking your child’s first appointment. There have been no negative side effects reported. It is even safe for expecting mothers, although we ask everyone to consult their family physician before starting salt therapy.

Your child will be on the road to better health and overall general wellness in no time with salt therapy, and your worries will be a thing of the past.