Room With Custom Designed Salt Rocks And Boulders

Into the Salt Caves

Salt Therapy was acknowledged in Europe many years ago, when people began to realize that men that worked in the salt mines had less respiratory problems. The inhalation of the salt dust helped to mitigate the issues. Some experts believe that when salt is inhaled, it only does the body good.


Saltana Cave, Connecticut

Most therapy locations are now offering Salt Therapy in Salt Caves at their locations. Sodium chloride helps to treat respiratory and skin conditions like bronchitis, colds, influenza, asthma, hay fever, and rhinitis, among others. Salt is naturally an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It known to fight allergies, and clears the respiratory tract by loosening mucus.

There haven’t been any major side effects reported by those who choose to use Salt Therapy, but it is said that inhaling excessive salt can have a negative effect on people that have been diagnosed with hypertension. The amount of salt used in Salt Therapy is very minimal, and should be safe for all people, even those with high blood pressure.

Those that have suffered for years with issues like psoriasis, which leaves them with itchy and flaky skin, were able to feel relief with the help of Salt Therapy when traditional medications didn’t work. Most could see and feel results in less than twenty days! Allergic rhinitis is also a common ailment that is mitigated with the help of Salt Therapy. Those who suffer with this condition usually sneeze constantly, have blocked sinuses and sore throats that eventually lead to the flu. This condition also improved after twenty sessions. Of course, individual results may vary and different conditions will take a different amount of sessions for results to be seen. But it is great that Salt Therapy is effective in helping the effects of these medical issues!

During the therapy session, the patient sits in a room that is completely covered in salt. By completely, I mean from the ceiling to the floor is all salt! They breathe in the fine salt particles that are present in the air and relax for a given amount of time in the “salt cave”.  During this relaxing time, the patient can sit quietly in meditation, or choose to bring in wireless devices for their entertainment during their time in the cave. Most prefer it to be a time to reflect and release the stresses of the day.

If you have any questions about implementing a Salt Cave at your establishment, contact a reputable company to learn more about your options and how it can help your business!