How to Dress During a Salt Therapy Session

Salt therapy is becoming more and more popular in the United States, as people begin to realize its multitude of health benefits. Day spas, wellness centers, and fitness facilities across the country are beginning to incorporate various salt therapy options for their clients. One common question that clients have is “How should I dress for salt therapy”? The answer depends on whether you are in a salt room (salt cave) or a SALT Booth®.

Unless you schedule a private session, undergoing salt therapy in a salt room will involve other customers. In this case, you will want to dress comfortably. Ideally, you would wear shorts and a tank top in a salt room to expose your skin and allow the salt you don’t inhale to land on your skin and provide that benefit. Salt therapy rooms offer a stimulating and relaxing environment that mimics the environment of the original salt caves and salt mines in Europe. It is calming for the mind, body, and soul. Simply lay back and breathe deeply!

If you opt for a salt therapy session in a SALT Booth®, the dress code is a bit different. A SALT Booth® offers more privacy, which means that you typically expose more skin to be treated during the session. Most people opt to wear bathing suits while sitting in a SALT Booth® so that the fine salt particles can land on most areas of the body for the optimum effect. Of course, you are still more than welcome to wear shorts and a tank top if you feel more comfortable.