The Salt Room At Gio Midtown With A Himalayan Salt Wall For Decor.

How to Build a Himalayan Salt Wall

Whether you’re a business owner or just someone who wants to improve your home’s visual appeal, you’ve come to the right place to learn the ins and outs of how to build a Himalayan salt wall. 

Let’s start by answering some basic questions, such as: What does a Himalayan salt wall do? And, what is the difference between Himalayan salt bricks and wall panels?

What Does a Himalayan Salt Wall Do?

Himalayan salt walls improve the aesthetic appeal of any space. They can add mood lighting and ambiance to a room or encourage relaxation. They can be used in temporary settings such as trade shows, store openings, or showroom floors. 

A Himalayan salt wall can create a relaxing, calming atmosphere due to the warm, soothing glow emitted when backlit. 

What a Himalayan Salt Wall Doesn’t Do

Himalayan salt walls DO NOT treat or cure any respiratory condition. They are strictly for decor purposes ONLY. The only salt that helps to treat respiratory conditions is pure-grade sodium chloride which is ground, crushed, and dispersed by a halogenerator.

There is also a lot of  ‘mythinformation’ regarding health and wellness benefits from claims such as emanating negative ions, purifying the air, and providing any respiratory relief, made about heating (or not heating) Himalayan salt in general, which applies to salt lamps, walls, saunas, spa equipment, and décor.

Not only is there no evidence that heated Himalayan salt produces its advertised health benefits, but the notion that it could emit ions in sufficient quantities to have any impact on the surrounding environment or aid in the treatment of respiratory conditions also runs against established science and basic chemistry.

How to Build a Himalayan Salt Wall – Panels vs. Bricks

Himalayan Salt Wall Panels

SALT Chamber offers prefabricated 22” x 22” salt panel molds available in pink or white salt. You also have the choice between grains, pebbles, and rocks of various sizes to create a truly custom design. 

Himalayan salt wall panels are a great way to create an eye-catching wall without salt bricks. The panels may be more practical depending on where you install your Himalayan salt wall. They are also easier to move should the need arise.

Himalayan Salt Bricks for Walls

SALT Chamber uses specially-designed bricks that are lighter and less expensive than traditional Himalayan salt bricks for walls. These Himalayan salt bricks are made especially for SALT Chamber and are available in various shapes and sizes. 

You can choose between smooth, clean-cut Himalayan salt bricks for your wall or rough-cut on one side if you want a more textured wall. Significantly thinner, the SALT Chamber’s bricks are easier to backlight, increasing the visual aesthetic of the bricks’ pattern. 

The Salt Room At The Ritz-Carlton In Charlotte, North Carolina With Benches, Pillows, And Himalayan Salt Bricks On The Walls.

Is There a Difference Between Pink and White Salt Bricks?

SALT Chamber often pairs pink Himalayan salt bricks with white bricks, which allows light to filter, beautifully showcasing the inner structure of the bricks. 

But is there a difference in the benefits of pink versus white Himalayan salt bricks for walls?

The short answer is no; there is no significant difference aside from the obvious between these differently colored bricks. The deepness of color depends mainly on the amount of iron oxide within the brick. Himalayan salt bricks for walls can range from pale white to pink to orange to red.

Top 4 Tips for How to Build a Himalayan Salt Wall

#1 Purchase Quality Himalayan Salt Wall Panels or Salt Bricks

The most crucial step in building a Himalayan salt wall is to ensure you only use pure, high-quality Himalayan salt bricks from a reputable vendor like SALT Chamber. There are a lot of quality-looking knock-off salt bricks for sale. This is not where you want to cut corners in your budget.

#2 Identify Your Ideal Location

Homeowners and business owners alike are interested in how to build a Himalayan salt wall. The versatility of this design feature makes it a great addition everywhere. 

Spa and wellness centers might use Himalayan salt bricks for walls in salt caves while installing Himalayan salt wall panels behind the reception desk. 

Waiting areas in restaurants and professional offices can be revamped into warm, welcoming spaces with carefully placed accent walls made with either Himalayan salt bricks or wall panels.

At home, Himalayan salt walls can raise the ambiance in the bedroom, family room, or living room. It can also be a great way to welcome guests as an addition to any foyer.

Transform any space into a calm, relaxing environment no matter where you choose to build a Himalayan salt wall.

#3 Choose Your Preferred Pattern

Typical patterns used with Himalayan salt bricks for walls include a running bond (staggered and stacked), stacked bond, herringbone stacks, and ashlar patterns. Your desired aesthetic will determine which design pattern you choose for your salt wall using Himalayan salt bricks.

Whether you choose the traditional brick design (running bond) or prefer the clean look of perfectly aligned bricks (stacked bond), Himalayan salt bricks for walls are durable, mobile, and cost-effective.

Himalayan salt wall panels from SALT Chamber provide even more customization. We can mix and match textures, colors, and rock sizes to create unique feature walls. At clients’ requests, we’ve also incorporated company logos or special designs within the pattern.

#4 Determine Your Method of Installation

If you do not have bricklaying experience, we recommend hiring a professional with experience installing Himalayan salt walls. Involving architects, designers, and contractors can make the process smooth and worry-free.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Salt Wall?

A stunning addition to any space, a Himalayan salt wall provides many benefits for your family in your home or your clients at your business. When investing in a Himalayan salt wall, the cost can be crucial in decision-making. 

While you may not want to pay for the most expensive accent wall in history, you also don’t want to order the cheapest option and be disappointed with the result. You may be skilled enough to install your Himalayan salt wall, which helps keep your budget small. 

If you want to hire a professional, SALT Chamber provides design and installation services. Give us a call for pricing and any other questions about how to build a Himalayan salt wall.

Transform Any Space with Custom Himalayan Salt Walls

Think you know how to build a Himalayan salt wall but aren’t ready to do it alone? SALT Chamber can work with you to create custom Himalayan salt walls to fit your specific needs and help with the installation. 

Our experienced contractors, architects, designers, and consultants are passionate about your project and overall satisfaction. Contact us today to download our 32-page Magazine Price Guide and schedule a complimentary consultation to be on your way to a unique and beautiful accent for any space.