A Picture Of Salt Chamber Founder And Ceo Leo Tonkin With A Salt Room In The Background.

How Salt Therapy Can Change Your Life

SALT Chamber – the pioneer, innovator, and leader in salt therapy room concepts and experiences with over 1,400 worldwide projects – is proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Synergy – The Retreat Show from October 25-28 at the Ca Na Xica Ibiza Hotel & Spa. In addition, Founder and CEO Leo Tonkin has been chosen to address the 300 handpicked retreat industry insiders with a presentation entitled “How Salt Therapy Can Change Your Life”.

Synergy scouts out world-class wellness and travel experts to share their wisdom over the three-day show, to not only spark ideas centered around responsible well-being and slow travel but also build long-lasting relationships that will nourish businesses. It is the only tradeshow unifying travel and wellness.

With an eye on sustainability and slow hospitality, and the aim to shape the retreat industry to match sky-high expectations, Synergy supplies a well-balanced platform for inspirational conversation, meetings, talks, creativity, and experiences.

The Salt Room At Bergamos Retreat In Friendswood, Texas With Four Chairs And Himalayan Salt Brick Walls For Décor.

“It is an honor to represent the salt therapy industry at Synergy,” said Tonkin. “Salt therapy is the fastest-growing modality in the health and wellness industry and I look forward to meeting with property owners, retreat specialists, and wellness suppliers to educate and collaborate on helping to shape the retreat industry.”

Tonkin adds, “Salt rooms and caves have been reimagined from the underground salt chambers to unique wellness experiences in retreats and wellness centers to destination and resort spas.  

Guests just relax in a room and simply breathe in a very fine dry pure-grade sodium chloride aerosol. The dry micron-sized salt particles get deep into the lungs, and act like a toothbrush, cleansing the respiratory system of the allergens, mold, bacteria, mucus, and pathogens we breathe in daily. 

Salt is also a natural anti-inflammatory that opens airway passages to increase oxygen flow and enhance lung function. While dry salt therapy (halotherapy) is an evidence-based modality used to treat allergies, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, and so many other respiratory-related issues, many athletes use salt therapy for recovery and to improve performance.  The calming and inviting environments are designed to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance mental wellness.

Many facilities incorporate other modalities inside a salt room such as yoga, breath work, sound baths, massage, reiki, and guided meditations.

We often take our breathing for granted and we’re not aware of all that is in the air we breathe. Studies show that the key to longevity and quality of life is our respiratory wellness. Find out how salt can change your life.”

In addition to leading SALT Chamber, Leo is also the Founding Director of the Salt Therapy Association and the Initiative Chair of the Respiratory Wellness Initiative from the Global Wellness Institute

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