Saltwall 002

Himalayan Salt Decor

SALT Chamber has been using Himalayan salt walls for its beneficial qualities as well as it’s beautiful natural coloring, and aesthetically pleasing design capabilities. Salt rooms are now designed using the Himalayan salt materials in order to depict a comforting, tranquil environment for those in the room. In spas and wellness facilities, the salts can be seen on the walls and floors for their eye catching qualities.

Saltwall 002Custom Himalayan Salt Panels

SALT Chamber has created and finalized an exclusive method for manufacturing prefabricated Himalayan Salt Rock Panels. The typical panel is 22” by 22” and is handmade and molded from pure Himalayan salt, which makes it strong, non-toxic, and healthy. With no toxic materials, smells, or VOCs, you can breathe easily, knowing that both you and your clients are safe. The panels are easily cut and shaped to fit any installation project, and they come in multiple colors and sizes. Custom shapes and logos can also be created! The panels mount easily on to walls with screws, and can be installed with our exceptional installation kit for intense backlighting effects. There are many different ways to use the panels, and they are even removable if you choose to go to another location or rearrange the room!

Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles

SALT Chambers Himalayan Salt Bricks and Tiles are not your regular store bought salt bricks. They were expertly designed with previous experiences and projects in mind. Not all bricks are the same. Ours go through rigorous quality checks in the mines of Pakistan and at our production facility to make sure that architectural criteria are met when it comes to the structure, compliance, and uniformity of our product, and that the colors go together cohesively. This guarantees that there is no extra work cutting, pruning, and sizing the bricks while on the job.

The bricks come in many sizes, most ranging from 4” by 4” to 10” by 16”. They are available in pink and amber color variants, as well as the standard Himalayan white. Smooth and rougher finishes are available depending on your needs, and the bricks can withstand heat when used in saunas and other warmer environments.  Keep in mind that moisture and humidity are not salt brick friendly.

Our custom design regimen used to install the bricks gets rid of the need for permanent construction. Shadowing effects and backlight hot spots can also be eliminated. The majority of designs we see are for full wall coverage, and cannot be premade due to the need for on-site leveling and the setting of the materials that needs to be done on location. We do have a selection of brick wall kits and framing solutions for smaller sections if needed.

Bricks can also be used as s flooring solution that is similar to pavers, and they are installed with loose Himalayan salts as elements in the floor design. Some can even be set up with a backlight.

Himalayan Salt Rocks, Boulders, and Caves

It is possible to create a breathtaking memorable sensory experience for your clients by incorporating a Himalayan Salt Cave in your location. The salt makes for a unique environment and helps generate negative ions to enliven your salt caves. The caves help to reduce stress, nervousness, and tiredness, while satisfying your guests aesthetically. Create your own unique are no matter what size room you are working with.

Himalayan Salt Mines

Himalayan Salt Mines have huge chambers that are abundant with natural salt rocks and boulders that come in different shapes and sizes. Typically, they are used to make the Himalayan Salt Lamps that are becoming more popular by the day, but these natural salt rocks are also great to incorporate for accent and décor pieces. They can be used to create areas that resemble the caves, as well as work well with many other design options.

Why use Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt available and it’s the most effective for those seeking salt therapy.  Other salts, like sea salt, provide very little benefit.

What are the Benefits of Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt crystals have been found to release a very particular type of energy that produces natural negative ions that reduce stress and tiredness, while promoting a sense of well-being.