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Himalayan SALT Décor™: Himalayan Salt Wall Panels

Introduction to Himalayan Salt Wall Panels

Embrace the unique aesthetic of Himalayan Salt Wall Panels, custom-made by the innovative team at Salt Chamber Inc. Utilizing a proprietary method, this Himalayan salt decor is hand-molded from pure Himalayan salt. Each panel offers the authentic beauty of natural salt rocks in a convenient and easy-to-install format.
Elevate home decor with the versatility of Salt Chamber’s Himalayan Salt Wall Panels. Whether aiming for a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall, or unique patterns and designs, these panels can cater to any creative desire. These panels are not just adorning the walls, they are an investment in a process that enhances overall well-being. The option to design custom shapes, logos, or sizes further accentuates the beauty and uniqueness of any space. And the best part? They can be taken down when moving to a new location, offering the benefit of a portable aesthetic and wellness luxury.

Key Takeaways:

  • Design and Customization: Custom-made by Salt Chamber Inc. using a proprietary method and hand-molded from pure Himalayan salt, each panel is unique, showcasing natural variations in size, shape, and color, reflecting the specific characteristics of Himalayan salt. There are versatile options for continuous sculptural walls, unique patterns, or custom shapes, logos, and sizes. The natural variation in colors adds to the raw and rustic essence of the Himalayan mountains.
  • Technical Aspects: Salt Chamber’s proprietary method ensures durability, safety, and ready-to-install features. Safety is a priority, with Himalayan salt panels free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic materials, and odors.
  • Installation Process: Mounting is effortless with screws, and panels are easily cut and shaped to fit desired designs. The pure salt panels are also mobile, allowing for easy removal, rearrangement, and reinstallation in a new location.
  • Upgrading to Lit Panels: A special installation kit for led backlighting is available, enhancing the aesthetic appeal with vibrant colors and visual effects. Installation is as simple as choosing the location, ensuring the proper toolkit, and following the provided instructions.
  • Shipping and Warranty: Our panels are carefully packaged and shipped with a reliable courier service. Our warranty ensures panels are free from manufacturing defects, and Salt Chamber commits to resolving any issues promptly.
  • Joining the Himalayan Salt Décor Community: Customers can become part of a community for sharing ideas and experiences. Customers also gain access to customer support for inquiries and feedback, with early information on new products, updates, and offers.

The Unique Design and Customization of Himalayan Salt Panels

Salt Chamber Inc. offers a wide range of Himalayan Salt Wall Panels to accommodate various aesthetic tastes and spatial requirements. Whether it’s a cozy corner in a home or an entire wall in an office, there’s a perfect panel size to suit many needs. Standard size panels measure 22″x22″, almost 4 sq. ft, offering customizable yet sizable pieces for any space.
Besides the standard size, customers can request custom shapes, sizes, and even unique logo engravings for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression. From simple, geometric patterns to more intricate designs, Salt Chamber Inc. empowers artistic flair to run free. The perfect balance between functional art and interior decoration can be achieved with these molded pieces of pure Himalayan salt. When selecting the ideal panel, remember that these panels’ natural Himalayan salt brick material influences the final color variations. Since the natural colors vary, this showcases the raw and rustic essence of the Himalayan mountains from where they are sourced. By embracing this natural variation, be assured that each panel contributes to a unique, captivating décor arrangement.
While these panels are an art form in their own right, they also allow users to become de facto artists, arranging and rearranging the panels as they please. This unique feature brings an ongoing dynamic element to any space, allowing the décor to evolve and transform over time.
Remember that despite their raw, rugged beauty, these salt panels also offer intrinsic wellness benefits. Each custom piece is molded from pure Himalayan salt, creating a masterpiece that blends seamlessly with interiors while also fostering a healthier living environment. Creating a unique, captivating, and serene space has never been easier with the adaptable and alluring Himalayan Salt Wall Panels from Salt Chamber Inc.”

Technical Aspects Behind Himalayan Salt Walls

Designing a space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and health-conscious can be challenging. However, with the Himalayan Salt Wall Panels from Salt Chamber Inc, attractiveness and health are seamlessly combined into one package.
Salt Chamber has developed and perfected a proprietary method for manufacturing these pre-fabricated wall panels, ensuring that they’re durable, safe, and ready to install. Each panel, hand-crafted and molded from pure Himalayan salt, is a testament to the authentic beauty of raw earth elements. Salt Chamber Inc. has conducted thorough research to eliminate the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), unpleasant smells, and toxic materials in their Himalayan salt wall panels. Clients can breathe easily knowing that their stunning wall decor is free from volatile organic compounds or any harmful toxins.

Understanding Installation Process and Specifications

Installing Himalayan Salt Wall Panels from Salt Chamber Inc. is a straightforward process designed with customer convenience in mind. The company’s proprietary design enables these panels to be mounted directly onto walls using simple screws.
Beyond the delight of customization and easy installation, the mobility of these panels adds to their functional and flexible design. With a simple unscrew, they can be taken down, moved around, or put up in a new location, effectively making décor setup highly adaptable and dynamic. Himalayan Salt Wall Panels from Salt Chamber Inc. offer a unique blend of elegance, practicality, and adaptability – redefining how we perceive wall décor.

How to Upgrade to Lit Panels

While the natural beauty of Salt Chamber Inc.’s Himalayan Salt Wall Panels is unquestionable, the opportunity to further enhance their aesthetic appeal is an exciting option. Salt Chamber Inc. offers a special installation kit, allowing each customer to introduce soothing led backlighting to their wall panels. Incorporating lighting into the Himalayan salt wall panels can create a breathtaking depth of color and sparkle, transforming a space into a visual delight. The led backlighting, which includes a remote control, enhances the visual impact of the Himalayan salt. Whether it’s a soft glow for a cozy atmosphere or a brighter, pulsing light for energetic spaces, more customizations are available.
By adding this simple upgrade, the Himalayan salt’s natural colors can glow vibrantly and add an enchanting ambiance to any room.
For expert advice, call Salt Chamber anytime for support: (855)-459-1159

Shipping and Warranty Information

Salt Chamber Inc. recognizes the importance of seamless shopping and post-purchase experiences. Accordingly, they have established a solid shipping policy, ensuring peace of mind for their clients. Their Himalayan Salt Wall Panels are carefully packaged and shipped using reliable courier services, ensuring the décor pieces are delivered safely.
While acknowledging that each purchase is an investment, Salt Chamber Inc. provides a warranty policy. This warranty guarantees that the Himalayan Salt Wall Panels are free from manufacturing defects. Buyers can trust that they are receiving a product crafted with high-quality standards and attention to detail. If any problems occur during the shipping process, the investment is safeguarded. If a wall panel arrives damaged or contains any defect, Salt Chamber commits to rectifying the issue swiftly through their thorough warranty and return policy.
With a reliable warranty in place, this purchase is not merely a product; it’s a worry-free experience that begins when the choice is made to revitalize a space with Salt Chamber’s Himalayan Salt Wall Panels.
For more information regarding Salt Chamber’s warranty please call (855)-459-1159, or email [email protected].

Joining the Himalayan Salt Décor Community

Embarking on a Salt Chamber journey means more than just purchasing a Himalayan Salt Wall Panel. Our customers are joining a broader community of business owners, spa directors, wellness center operators, and luxury homeowners who value high-quality interior design.
As a part of the Salt Chamber community, customers can access their customer support for any queries or feedback regarding the Himalayan Salt Wall Panels. From understanding the salt wall panels through installation and maintenance, their professional and friendly staff is ready to help every step of the way. Becoming a part of this community also means being the first to know about their upcoming products, updates, and promotional offers. All Salt Chamber customers have the privilege to explore the continually expanding range of products and services and can contribute to their growth by offering valuable suggestions and feedback.
Join a community that values health, beauty, and quality, and let Salt Chamber Inc. be the guide in carving out the perfect salt wall experience. To know more about joining the Himalayan Salt Wall community, reach out to Salt Chamber Inc. today. Start the journey towards an unmatched lifestyle of aesthetic pleasure and health consciousness.


Himalayan Salt Wall Panels from Salt Chamber Inc. redefine what elegant and health-conscious living should look like. Offering a distinctive blend of beauty and wellness, these panels transform any space into a sanctuary of tranquility. Their unique molding from pure Himalayan salt, utilizing a proprietary method, ensures a top-quality product that’s both visually stunning and beneficial for well-being.
With the option to customize size, shape, and lighting, the panels can fit seamlessly into many interiors, further enhancing their charm and flexibility. Furthermore, the absence of VOCs, toxic materials, and smells ensures a healthier living environment. Investing in these panels allows one to upgrade their living or working space effortlessly, ensuring a captivating aesthetic alongside health benefits.
Embrace a new standard of living with Himalayan Salt Wall Panels from Salt Chamber Inc., where style meets health impeccably.
For more information or to place an order, call (855)-459-1159, or email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Himalayan Salt?

Numerous salt rooms employ synthetic resins and glues, along with manually applied sea salt, to mimic the ambiance of a cave. However, this type of salt generally offers minimal therapeutic advantages and is mostly for visual appeal. In contrast, we utilize Himalayan Salt to craft spaces that not only look good but also have genuine health benefits.

Where does the Himalayan Salt Come from?

The mines of Himalayan salt are expansive, featuring a diverse array of naturally formed salt stones in different dimensions and formations. These are frequently harvested to produce the well-known Himalayan Salt Lamps.
These unprocessed salt stones serve as excellent decorative elements, suitable for both commercial settings and home interiors featuring Himalayan salt.
Much like incorporating other natural materials in stone wall construction, these Himalayan salt stones can be employed to craft one-of-a-kind spaces that evoke the feel of caverns, grottoes, and other unique architectural designs.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Décor

Incorporating Himalayan Salt design elements like floor salt, salt bricks, salt blocks, wall panels, large stones, and pebbles provides a distinct visual appeal. These components allow for the creation of a salt chamber or grotto that closely resembles the authentic salt pits and caverns found in Eastern Europe.