Pet &Amp; Dog Salt Therapy

Here’s what a $15,000 salt chamber can do

When Ellen Patrick’s dog, Chi, starts coughing, the West Village resident doesn’t take the pup to a vet. Instead, she scoops up the 15-year-old Chihuahua and carries her into a salt chamber on her terrace to sit and breathe for 15 minutes or so. One session a week in the salt-infused air calms Chi’s allergies, Patrick says.

“She has this hacking cough, and she gets congested, so we bring her into the chamber [to clear it up]” on the recommendation of the family’s animal healer, Patrick says.

It does the same for Patrick herself, who gets congested in the spring, and her husband, who suffers from ragweed allergies. The couple, who own Breathe Salt Rooms, a group of salt spas in Midtown Manhattan and Westchester, shelled out $15,000 for a shower stall-size chamber for their apartment.

As salt spas continue to pop up around the country — there are three in Manhattan alone, and upward of 500 in the US — some customers are taking the plunge and purchasing salt beds and chambers for their own homes.

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