Halotherapy and its Uses for Treatment in Respiratory and Other Problems

While the use of salt rooms is relatively new in the US, people have regularly visited salt mines for decades to benefit from their healing properties with respect to lung conditions. Ancient Greeks, for instance, regularly used salt therapy (Halotherapy) as a remedy for their respiratory problems. Another more recent example can be seen from Polish miners who regularly worked in salt mines and were found to have fewer respiratory problems.

With salt rooms cropping up all over the US, Halotherapy is proving to be a popular and valued addition to the health and wellness field. Salt has been shown to contain antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, so it should come as no surprise that Halotherapy can be enjoyed from numerous spa centers across the country.

While there are several varieties of salt for use in salt therapy, the pink colored Himalayan salt is a favorite because of its hydrating properties and because it is chock full of minerals. Unlike the minerals found in common sea salt, the ones found in Himalayan salt (84 trace mineral and elements) are more readily absorbed and processed by the body. Himalayan salt therapy has been employed to treat various disorders such as asthma, coughs, and chest congestion and used to treat various skin conditions. Himalayan salt therapy has also been found to improve lung function and to reduce seasonable allergies. This is to say that salt therapy becomes a very relevant method of treatment for a wide-ranging group of people, who may not only treat their respiratory and skin conditions by practicing it but also benefit from a medley of other health boons as well.

While it isn’t always practical to take a trip to the beach or travel long distances to visit a natural salt cave, we’re fortunate to be living in a time where technological advancements and the ever growing health and wellness field have made the activity of enjoying salt therapy well-within practical reach.

You can enjoy the benefits of Himalayan salt in many ways, such as by visiting your local spa. Many spas carry state-of-the-art Salt Room Halogenerators, such as the S.A.L.T FX® PRO. If you’re interested in learning more about the S.A.L.T FX® PRO or other salt therapy products, please contact us for information. We can discuss pricing and installation guidelines for building a salt room or cave.