Salt Fx Pro6

Halogenerator Heaven

White walls with mahogany accents. Dim lanterns and candles placed throughout. The fresh smell of salt lingers in the air. This is just one version of the many ambient, tranquil salt rooms that people have started to turn to recently to relieve their respiratory and skin conditions.

Multi Salt FxThese rooms have salt all over them- on the floors, walls, and even sometimes the ceilings. The most important part is the halogenerator. This device processes all of the salts and releases them back into the air. The oxygen and salt open up the respiratory tract when inhaled, which allows relief for those suffering with many conditions.

Many spas have decided to take the plunge into salt therapy, as clients are becoming more aware of it than before and want to try it out. Those that try it become fans fast, and that turns them into repeat clients. Creating a salt room in your establishment is sure to help gain more business, and keep current clients satisfied. Those looking to relieve stress, pain, and improve the condition of their skin will all be happy with the addition, and the results that they will see over time.

Salt therapy has been known to improve a plethora of conditions, including but not limited to: psoriasis, rhinitis, cold/flu symptoms, COPD, allergies, headaches, asthma, and stress related ailments. No matter what the issue seems to be, salt therapy is usually a great addition to traditional treatment. Treatment times vary, and not all people will achieve the same results within the same amount of time due to their specific conditions and state of health. The one thing that is certain is that they will achieve positive results. The salts have been used for hundreds of years to treat people worldwide, and for it to be readily available to us now is amazing.

It may take some time to come up with a plan that works best for those seeking salt therapy. Depending on the condition that they are looking to treat, different options will be available. Most spas offer packages for weekly and monthly visits, allowing the client to come and go as many times as needed, for a certain amount of time that they feel most comfortable with. While they will be delighted after their first experience in the room, their particular needs may be tweaked to suit them. The salt room is a one stop shop for relief!